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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Ah it does me good to see the great and legendary Neo create another epic idea for a role play. Here is my sign up below. I will complete my highly detailed sign ups later today so save me a spot. I will also complete my evil sign up a little bit later as well.

-Name: Leto ("The Hidden One")

-Gender: Male

-Species: Croagunk

-Side: Renegades

-Age: 18

-Description: Standing at 2' 06" tall, Leto seems to look just like any normal Croagunk except for his unusual coloring. Leto's smooth light blue amphibian skin is crisscrossed with dark black stripes of color much like New Zealand's ancient Maori warrior. This dark color is complimented by his bright crimson red cheeks and middle fingers indicating his highly potent poison making abilities. All along his back and arms are littered with small scars as a result of his constant battles and struggles in the bleak future to which has grow up in.

Other than his unusual coloring, Leto has one more abnormality. His eyes, instead of being light yellow, are a strange pale purple color. This trait apparently was passed down to him by his mother but thanks to her early death it is unsure wether or not this is real. Either way his vision is not affected in the least by this change.

-Personality: (To be added later today)

-History: (To be added later today)

-Other: Nothing I can think of...