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Default Re: Individual RP: Elrond

I knew the battle was coming to a close. It seemed as though the Phanpy was still going to put up a fight, but I also doubted it had much energy left to battle. Rhyperior took the stony barrage like a castle's walls, almost unaffected, it seemed. I didn't want to let my behemoth attack any longer - I was afraid Phanpy wouldn't last another hit or two. It was time to go for the capture...

"Rhyperior, block those rocks with your arms so I have a clear path to throw my Park Ball!" I yelled. Obediently, the bulky Pokemon stomped forward, raising its powerful arms. Meanwhile, I reached into my pocket, grabbing a sphere, and drawing it out. I hate to wait for the right moment, to throw, or my plan might be foiled... I waited to strike.

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