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Default Re: Front Gate

-Name: Alaric Blythe

-Entrance Fee: $3,000

-Location: Meteor Valley

-Style: Individual RP

-Extra Pokemon Permit: 1 ($500)

-Total Money: $13,000

-Total Cost: $3,500

-Change: $9,500

-Total Items: 5 Hyperballs, 3 Max Potions, and 4 Full Heals

Pokemon Stats

-Pokemon: Metagross

-Nickname: Indigo

-Gender: Genderless

-Ability: Clear Body (Prevents Stat reduction)

-Nature: Brave

-TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: TM 26 - Earthquake, TM 48 - Rock Slide, TM 50 - Substitute, TM - 72 Shadow Ball, TM 77 - Sludge Bomb, TM 96 - Light Screen, TM98 - Brick Break, TM 102 - Aerial Ace, TM 135 - Grass Knot / MT Ice Punch, MT Thunderpunch

-Pokemon: Empoleon

-Nickname: Citadel

-Gender: Female

-Ability: Torrent (Water moves raise 1.5x when Empoleon is at 3.3HP or lower)

-Nature: Naughty

-TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: TM 13 - Ice Beam / HM 3 - Surf, HM 7 - Waterfall

-Pokemon: Salamence

-Nickname: Creshaw

-Gender: Male

-Ability: Intimidate (Whenever entering battle, Enemy Pokemon gains ATTACK-1.)

-Nature: Jolly

-TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: TM 26 - Earthquake, TM 100 - Flamethrower, TM102 - Aerial Ace, TM - 109 Roost / BM Dragon Dance, MT Draco Meteor

-Other Info: First time through! 8D
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