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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Arrrrgh, you people keep stealing my Pokemon. D:< I swear the Cacturne in Ojiru's backstory is totally different from Grsspkmnmaster's Cacturne, and I'll switch my Renegades character to some other electric-type so nobody gets her mixed up with Neo's character. Hahaha, bad luck on my part.

...Umm. Anyway, here, have a sign-up!

Name: Ojiru

Gender: Male

Species: Quilava

Side: Agents

Age: 15

Description: Ojiru’s not too different from other Quilava; on close inspection, though, one might note that the red spots on his back are a bit dull and the flames that shoot out of them are lackluster. He’s also smaller than most of his species.

Personality: Ojiru is not evil.

Yes, Ojiru is selfish; the Quilava is constantly looking out for number one, and isn’t overly concerned with the moral ambiguity of his actions in order to stay alive. Yes, Ojiru is a coward; he would easily abandon his fellow agents if the situation showed even the slightest sign of turning unfavorable. Yes, Ojiru is weak; while he can taunt his enemies no problem if he obviously has the upper hand, he’s not actually that much of a fighter and often hides behind others for protection.

But he is not calculatedly evil.

If anything, Ojiru is a terribly scared and lonely child, desperately looking for validation and protection from the most powerful being on the planet. It’s not like he enjoys fighting or hurting people; he tries to weasel his way out of it. He just doesn’t want to fight the most powerful being in the world, he doesn’t want to disappear when the new future arrives, and he certainly doesn’t want to be killed when he’s – in his mind, inevitably – caught for helping the Renegades. Furthermore, it certainly seems that Dialga has all the power, so why not fight on the winning side? It’s not like the Renegades could possibly win, right?

Agents and Renegades both be damned; Ojiru just wants to help himself in a world where nobody helps him.

History: As far as Ojiru understands it, his life was fairly average up to a certain point. He was born to a pair of Typhlosion parents somewhere in the Deserted Valley, and he lived a generally complacent, if isolated, life amidst the craggy terrain.

What? Complacent? Yes, they lived in a time of planet’s paralysis, but Ojiru didn’t completely mind the cold or the dark landscape. In fact, he found it pretty, in a strange, abstract way, and he didn’t fully understand why people were so upset about it. It might not be beautiful, but it was still acceptable, wasn’t it? His parents seemed to share his contented viewpoint, and they lived without much of a care other than survival.

What a shame, then, that his family and he just had to go out for a walk that morning.

He was still a Cyndaquil at that point, and he was certainly no match for the vicious, crazed group of Manectric that had cornered him against the rock and ripped his parents apart in a surprise assault. Ojiru was screaming as the alpha female descended on him, fur crackling and drool dripping from her jaws. Then he passed out cold.

Surprisingly, he woke up, to the sight of a huge Cacturne casually standing over the bleeding corpses of five Manectric. He turned to run, but he tripped over his own feet. What was going on? His legs weren’t supposed to bend or work like that!

To say Ojiru freaked out was an understatement. As a matter of fact, he broke down completely into a sobbing, incoherent mess, because his parents were both bleeding corpses and he’d almost been killed too and why in Arceus’s name was that Cacturne still standing there couldn’t he just get it overwith and kill me already?!

In fact, the Cacturne waited very patiently until Ojiru was done with his mental breakdown and reduced to a quivering, hiccupping pile of fur and flesh. Only then did he talk. “Sloppy work, evolving right in the middle of an attack,” he noted idly. “You passed out cold while you were changing.”


At this point the Cacturne figured that maybe Ojiru the newly-evolved Quilava needed an explanation on who he was and what he was doing here, so he launched into an explanation of the Agents of Primal Dialga – of which he was one – and the Renegades. He seemed completely oblivious to the fact that maybe, just maybe, Ojiru wasn’t really in the mood for this kind of conversation, considering two Typhlosions were still freshly bleeding all over the ground. But Ojiru was done; he latched onto the conversation, almost as though in denial. He felt hollow. He needed to fill the void with something now; he would wallow in his angst and self-pity later.

“Basically,” the Cacturne started, “they’re messing with time and trying to prevent the world from being the way it is. The way I see it, they’re messing with things that aren’t their business, and they sure don’t have the right to decide to change the world and make all the people of the future disappear.”

It went on. Ojiru was never a person of sound, stubborn opinion, and he absorbed everything the Cacturne was telling him like a sponge; his shaken mental state did not help matters. For the next few days he followed the Cacturne around like an obedient puppy, listening to his stories of the Renegade’s and Agent’s clashes. When the Cacturne finally asked if he wanted to help the Agents, he went along with it. Where else could he go?

“He went along with it” quickly became his life story over the next few weeks. Obeying a near-omnipotent, completely insane creature? Yeah, sure. Combat training? Well, okay. Looking for signs of the Renegades? Alright, he could do that. Torturing a captured Renegade? Well…he was plenty disturbed, but he stepped aside and watched as the information was wrung out of them.

He had to live. He had to thrive. And where better to do so then at the feet of the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist?

Other: Ojiru has a very potent fear of electricity, and by extension, some serious issues with thunderstorms, although he’s never seen one due to the planet’s paralysis stopping weather. It’s not to hard to guess where that comes from.
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