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Default Re: Neo Risk - Turn 3 : One Team Retreats

Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
Isn't that a bit of inconsistency in the rules? Last round, when Dry Ice had two illegal moves, the people stayed where they were instead of moving to the closest/a close territory. I wasn't moved to Saffron when I was in Lavender Town, but I'd tried to move to Jubilife, and T_T wasn't moved to Vermillion after trying to move to Pastoria, even though Saffron and Lavender are linked, as are Fuschia and Vermillion (via port), and both of those cities would've ultimately taken us to where we originally intended to go.

Also, unless PAL Park is linked to Jubilife (which the map doesn't say it is), Sandgem's the closest territory for SoA.
Yes, it is an inconsistency. However, ATF also sent me this in his order PM:

"(If King can not attack Canalave he will move to Jubilife.)"

Also, when I meant "closest territory", it was "closest territory to Canalve", not to Pal Park.

-Tyranitar Trainer will go from Fuschia to Pastoria. (Marth says: ILLEGAL MOVE, YOU CAN ONLY MOVE BETWEEN CONTINENTS USING THE BIG PORT CITIES, SUCH AS VERMILLION OR SLATEPORT). You stay where you were.
Of course T-tar stayed where she was, because there was nowhere near that could've helped her reach Pastoria City, since the movement was impossible. So she was fine where she yas.
Now about your case - yes, you should've started @ Saffron City in any case, but since your ilegal move was discovered after the turn ended, I missed it =P
However, since your team gave you orders to stay in Lavender (instead of moving to Saffron City to defend the incoming attack), your team leader may choose to have you attack Jublife from Saffron instead, as an attacking (neutral rules) party, but not defend (defending rules).
By Khajmer
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