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Default Re: Encounter Tracker + Capture Approval

Trainer: Brizer
Pokemon Captured: Snorunt

[13:25] Loyal_Arcanine: lol
[13:25] Loyal_Arcanine: 37
[13:25] ttar trainer: gg, he gets Snorunt
[13:25] ttar trainer: forgot to mention that's what he's trying to catch lol
[13:25] ttar trainer: Ty
[13:26] Loyal_Arcanine: np
[13:26] ttar trainer: Can you post in the thread or should I just c+p into the thread for you?
[13:26] Loyal_Arcanine: eh if you can c/p that'd be cool
[13:27] ttar trainer: kk

^ Mike witnessed, obviously XD.
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