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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP


Name: Emit™

Gender: Genderless

Species: Porygon 2

Side: Renegades

Age: 15

Description: Emit is one of those Pokemon that just stands out. First his color isn't the same as other Porygon 2. Instead of him being a red and blue, he is a black and yellow color. The parts that are blue are yellow, and the parts that are red are black. He is slightly bigger than normal, being half a foot taller than most of his kind. He also has a lightning bolt shaped scar on his chest.

Personality: The emotional intelligence of your character, AKA, how they behave and react to things around them.

History: Chances are good your character’s history is pretty dismal from living in a macabre world of darkness their entire lives, but explain it here.

Other: Anything else you’d like to mention.
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