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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Name: Reveria or “Veria” for short.
Gender: Female
Species: Froslass
Side: Renegade
Age: 20


Reveria is slightly shorter than most Froslass, but it is very hard to tell as she can hover and make herself feel taller when needed. She wears a small crescent shaped pendent around her neck. Other than that she looks like just about any other Froslass.

Reveria keeps to herself out of fear. She has a chronic fear of getting hurt and that has made it hard for her to get her feelings out. Although she is very warm and gentle when it comes to other’s feelings. She is a good person to vent to and always listens. She is somewhat empathetic, she feels other’s emotions easily and they often transfer into how she is feeling. Veria usually cares for other people more than she does herself. Because of this the ice-ghost can be somewhat self destructive without even realizing it. She will risk her well-being for others. This self destructive behavior is why she is part for the renegades. She felt as thought she had never done anything worthwhile with her life and wanted to help out before it was too late.

While she can appear cold to strangers she is possible as warm and loving as possible. She used to be a very trusting Pokemon, but after a few incidents in her childhood and growing up she has almost shut down inside. She keeps everything bottled up and appears to be a happy healthy Froslass to anyone who doesn’t know her well enough. But inside Reveria is a turmoil of mixed emotions and fear.

Though she is very smart and knows for a fact that keeping emotions inside is the worst way to make yourself feel better she does it anyway. Fearing that if her emotions are let out they will be taken advantage of.

Reveria spent the latter half of her life traveling between the Wastelands, Dry Bluff, The Stockades and the Forgotten Coast. She lived in The Stockades, pretty much alone, albeit a few friends. But she outward friendliness towards her small amount of neighbors kept her from being too lonely.

Not much is known about Veria’s childhood, other than she was born in the area of the Bewildered Forest and she left home at the age of 10. From what some Pokemon have gathered her family life was a bit of a mess. Her father, a hot-headed Abamasnow, was not he best Fatherly figure she could have had. He blew up at the littlest things and was severely upset that his daughter was not a male. Her mother, a Froslass like herself, was quiet and reserved in nature. Like a mouse. She never said a word as she watched her husband explode and go off at their young daughter. She sat back watching with placid eyes.

When Veria couldn’t take it anymore the young Snover left home, tired of the constant fighting and being put down. She traveled to The Stockades to live on her own. It seemed like a relatively peaceful place, though almost everything seemed peacefully-dead when you lived in a world without time.

She grew up there, training her body and mind as it was the only thing she could do to fill the endless days. She wondered what it would be like to see the sun set, the conjured up image was something that graced her mind often. It soon became the young and hopeful Snover’s goal to see a sunset before she died.

As the newly evolved Froslass grew even older she decided to travel around a small area. She frequently left her home in The Stockades to travel around and help out weaker Pokemon along the way. She became somewhat of a makeshift, loner, rescue team. Reveria was very loving and would help out anyone willing. At first, she would share her thoughts and feelings with anyone who would listen. But after a tragic accident that resulted from one of these sessions she kept everything to heself. Focusing more on helping other’s than making herself happy.

Through these travels Veria found out about the Renegades. The first thing that prompted her to join them was to make a difference in the world. Her small ventures of heroism were not enough to fill the void in her heart left by abandonment, a void only helping other’s could fill. Her final decision was made when the thought of seeing a sunset sparked in her mind, it was the driving force behind her joining the Renegades.

Veria thought very little at the prospect of loosing her own life if they succeeded. Her self destructive nature, though unintentional, brushed the idea of pain away. A better future was worth the loss of a single Froslass.

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