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Default Re: Pokemon on Game Boy Advance Video!

Originally Posted by Dark Luddico
I heard of those. They won't be a hit though. They are slow and the sound is horrrible. That's what I hear.
It hasn't even been displayed yet, so just wait until you see it before judging it. It won't be the best thing since sliced bread, but it should do fine.

Originally Posted by Mario
I went to the official website for the GBA Video but I couldn't see Pokémon in the listing. Where did you get the box picture PE2K? Can you give me the official site where you got that?
Here's Nintendo offical announcement about it, the picture is there as well:

Originally Posted by rust
He got it off of the Nintendo website.
I forsee other shows to come to the GBA like (hopefully) PKMN Housou, Kirby, and DB/Z/GT. I I bet Jirachi Wish Maker will also be on the GBA.
Each cartridge can only hold 45 minutes. They'll have to split it to sections if they did that, but for now, it's only for the TV series.
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