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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

Infernape had by now greatly weakened the little bird, but despite that, she launched a strong retaliation, scratching Infernape all over his face, and the cuts and wounds reappeared on his face.

"Well done, Infernape, well done," I said, hoping Infernape wouldn't get disheartened by the constant flow of attacks "You've done a great job."

I knew that this was the right moment to use the ball, Farfetch'd now weakened to quite an extent. I pulled out a Super Ball from my pocket, and looked at it for a while. It was very similar to a normal Pokeball, except that the red part was blue instead, and it worked quite better than a normal one as well.

I closed my eyes for a second, hoping that everything would go well. I then took aim and threw the Super Ball towards Farfetch'd. As soon as the ball hit the bird, she became a red silhouette, and another second later, was sucked up into the open ball, which clasped shut immediately, fell to the ground, and started wiggling violently as the bird struggled to escape. Amonea, Infernape and I watched it breathlessly, waiting...

OOC: I went uptil the point the ball engulfs Farfetch'd and it struggles. I hope that's allowed as well, it's allowed in stories, so I thought it'll be ok ^^;


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