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Default Re: {T}he {K}enohra {E}lite {A}lliance™ .:|:. Recruiting (8/18) .:|:.

Originally Posted by The Politoed Hunter View Post
Nope. It's called Heavy Offense.

I love this play style

I g2g now. Bye everyone.
Yeah, I know what HO is. I've tried it before. Wasn't really a fan of it. Too many things can go wrong. Taunters and stuff.

BTW, get that new gym thread up!

Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
Shoddy Username: Justin LaMarca
Will you follow the clan rules? Forum rules?: Yes, of course.
What is your reason for joining this clan?: This clan looks popular. ;]
We can try out out whenever you are online next. Since you are shoddy battling, one of our other clan members will have to try you out (I don't shoddy battle).

So you think you are a top tier battler? Not so unless you have become the Kenohra League Champion!
† Laus Deo Semper †
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