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Default Re: {T}he {K}enohra {E}lite {A}lliance™ .:|:. Recruiting (8/18) .:|:.

Originally Posted by The Politoed Hunter View Post
Nope. It's called Heavy Offense.

I love this play style

I g2g now. Bye everyone.
Hey, I remember I showed you that threat over AIM a few days ago. :3

EBM, I just wanted to post in the thread once to kind of wish it good luck, I do that for most promising clan threads, but it seems I'm a bit late. ^_^; The clan's already taken off! Awesome job on it, I'm sure before too long it will be up in the ranks of Psychotic Org. and USB. It seems so long ago that you and me were back in the Draco Alliance... :P (Mudkipboi)
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