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Default Re: Individual RP: Neltharion_deathwing

As soon as Dragonite had finished the Thunder Wave attack, Nel withdrew the dragon and sent out his Houndoom again. It didn't appear to be a very clever choice to me as Houndoom didn't have the best of defenses, but I hoped Nel had some tricks up his sleeve.

Houndoom however looked fully prepared for the battle. It opened its mouth wide, and seemed to be drawing particles of air into its mouth. A few seconds later, a bright red light started glowing in its mouth, and it breathed out a huge jet of hot orange flames towards Pinsir, which had already started moving towards

Had there been a larger distance between the two Pokemon, Pinsir might not have been able to complete its attack. However, as soon as the flames died down, Pinsir emerged out, covered with burns all over its body and rushed towards Houndoom. Before the dog could hide behind a tree however, Pinsir brought down its pincers on Houndoom's throat, almost suffocating the black dog, and lifted it with its strong muscular arms. It then released its grip on Houndoom's throat and lunged it straight at one of the trees. Houndoom slumped straight down onto the ground. He was badly hurt, and was having trouble in even getting back up on his feet. At the same time, Pinsir was now not only struggling to move, but the attack it had used had lowered its attacking and defending power as well.


Ongoing Battles:

? ? Pinsir (Par) (Attack lowered) (Defense lowered)
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Health: 16.32%
Moves used: Superpower


Male Docile Houndoom
Ability: Early Bird
Health: 12.17%

Name: Nel Death

Location: The Woods

Items: 6 x Super Ball , 1 x Supreme Park Ball, 2 x Full heal, 1 x Max Potion, 1 x Mega Puffin.

Area Effects:

Encounters Remaining: 9

Pokemon Encountered: Slakoth, Hoothoot, Nidoran M, Ninjask, Kricketot, Pinsir

Pokemon Captured:

Pokemon Stats:

Pokemon: Houndoom (12.17%)
Nickname: Dark
Gender: Male
Ability: Early Bird
Nature: Docile
TM/HM: -

Pokemon: Dragonite (74.09%)
Nickname: Drack
Gender: Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Brave
TM/HM : -

Pokemon: Metagross (Fainted)
Nickname: Steel
Gender: Male
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Serious
TM/HM: MT Ice Punch / TM Flash Cannon


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