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Default An Actually DECENT Crossover... Any thoughts?

This is actually a (AT LEAST) semi-decent crossover that I thought of when I was half asleep. However, same happened when I typed the prologue up (see second quote if you want to skip to that).

This is a Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts crossover. It is all explained in the story of how they meet, but it will not be so that the Pokémon world is actually a world in the Kingdom Hearts universe; the Pokémon universe collides with that of Kingdom Hearts', and some worlds that are exclusive to Kingdom Hearts travel through the Pokémon universe, as many places in the Pokémon universe split and become worlds, limiting travel. For example, in the Pokémon world, Pallet Town and Viridian City become two different worlds, however, you won't need the Gummi Ship to travel. But this will all be revealed.

For example, in Ash's part of the story, he has to repeat things that Sora did (and vice-versa in Sora's part of the story), but has to go through Castle Oblivion first.

If this was a book, the book jacket would say...

From the Pokémon universe, Ash is traveling along with his friends, Dawn and Brock, when all of a sudden, Ash and Pikachu veer off, and find a mysterious door. They pass through the threshold only to find themselves locked in a castle where the only place to go up, and an organization in black is alive again... but just who are they?

Meanwhile, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are traveling via Gummi Ship to carry out a special mission when they are sucked up into a world unlike they have ever seen. The gravity is “kershimmeled,” as Goofy is quick to notice, and the world is teeming with the Heartless… and is the home of a monster, a deity named Giratina!

King Mickey and Riku are looking after Disney Castle, soon accompanied by Brock and Kazunari, when all of a sudden, mysterious eggs called Togepi overrun the castle… but real problem is that Dialga and Palkia are dueling overhead!

Kairi is reunited with the other princesses of heart, but they have yet to find their purpose. May, Kotone, and Dawn are among them, along with two other familiar Kingdom Hearts faces, but who is missing?

Professors Oak, Rowan and Cosmo find themselves in an eccentric town, where they meet Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith, guardians of “Traverse Town.”

In addition to the reawakening of several heroes such as Sir Aaron and his trusty Lucario, Roxas, Cloud (balanced by the villain, Sephiroth), Axel, and several others, everything has gone absolutely chaotic! Even foes such as Organization XIII, Cyrus, Archie and Maxie, and even the coldhearted Maleficent make a triumphant return as new worlds are created.

But with the intertwining of multiple realities, the calm of chaos rests in the balance.

But do not be afraid.
For you have the mightiest weapon of all.
You are the one who will open the door.
And now for the first prologue. This may have a lot of errors, but bear with me. =D

Prologue I – Ash’s Beginning

“C’mon!” shouted Ash back into the forest, with Pikachu on his shoulder. He was sporting a white t-shirt with a blue vest on, and wore painter’s jeans, and of course, that familiar cap over his messy, jet-black hair.

Dawn and Brock were struggling to keep up, huffing and puffing as they jogged uphill past golden trees.

Ash impatiently waited for them to catch up, barely able to keep his energy down.

Dawn was the girl wearing cute clothes fit for a couture; with black and pink miniskirt, pink boots, her white hat, and her oh-so-fabulous salmon scarf, she was ready to go.

Brock, on the other hand, tended to wear earthy clothing much of the time, which matched his usual Pokémon type preference. He wore a mint green shirt, along with gravel-colored pants, and a brown vest.

“I wish Kotone-chan could have come along,” said Dawn, breathing heavy as she made it uphill. “I can’t keep up with a boy who has the endurance of a human Aipom.” Suddenly her mood seemed to get slightly darker. How she missed her Ambipom...

Brock, the only one that could hear her nodded as they got closer to Ash. “Yeah. I may be excited as he is to see the Stone, but this is redic–”

“COME ON, GUYS!” Ash shouted, impatient, running ahead. “I bet ya can’t catch me! I can see it now! It’s not that far ahead!”

These inspiring words reenergized Brock and Dawn; the sooner they saw the Stone, the better.

Soon, the Third Stone of Sinnoh eventually was, indeed, in sight.

Professors Oak and Rowan had asked them specifically – along in their
journey, of course – to attempt to find it. Although they speculated it was legend in the beginning, hearing more about the legends only nudged Ash’s curiosity even further. This was an excellent find for an amateur explorer. However, if you said that to Ash, he wouldn’t call it quite the work of an “amateur,” per se.

Ash slowed down right in front of the amazing Stone. “I-I-It’s beautiful...”

“The Third Stone of Sinnoh,” Brock confirmed. “The one in the legend that held the Forest Stone and the Glacial Stone in balance!”

“The very one,” Dawn said, mockingly, rolling her eyes, “That can warp Time and Space itself.”

“And all those in between,” Ash muttered, walking slowly up to it. He touched it – caressed it – anything to experience the true euphoria of his first true find. Although his dream has always been to be a Pokémon Master, an Explorer – or even a Ranger, in some of his “not-pretend” play sessions with Pikachu, as Dawn would tease him – was a close second. Professor, although strenuous with work as it may be, was close behind. After all, his hometown, Pallet, was near a relic. But when he scanned his memories to remember what had happen, it always reminded him of his brain feeling funny... and something about permanent marker, and a giant Jigglypuff.

But no matter! He proved the existence of the Third Stone. Now all he had to do was –

All of a sudden, the clouds eclipsed the sun, and the glorious Stone lost its past shimmering glow of pink, purple, and blue.

Dawn began to shiver. “Why do I feel... cold?”

Brock frowned. “That’s weird. I feel fine...”

Ash, along with Pikachu’s occasional mews of terror, started to run in circles. “HOT, HOT, HOT! I FEEL HOT!”

Suddenly, Pikachu became quite annoyed, and sent a powerful thunderbolt around them.

It reflected off of the Stone and swirled around the trio in the form of pure energy.

Fire, water, air, and earth began to orbit them, circling them, encompassing them.

They all clenched from a pain, although nothing touched them.

After a few moments’ flash of light, the trio was gone, and the five elements no longer were disturbed.

And soon after, the cloud that eclipsed the sun let the light shine again.

* * *

Ash felt different. As if everything were hanging on a small string. All of his energy was focused somewhere other than within himself.

Something was obviously different now.

But only one thing came to the boy’s mind.

A flash of light, and he could see again.

On the floor, Ash was sitting up, with Pikachu on his lap.

“Pika!” Pikachu squealed happily, as if they were reunited. Ash quickly hugged the yellow overgrown mouse in delight, and started to look around.

Although regal in white design, the hallway he was in, which felt more like an atrium, felt blank.

Everything, except the door behind him, was white. White flowers, white floor, white ceiling, white columns, and white staircase towards the front of the hall… He looked at the giant door to find an immense pattern of stars and moons, carved onto the yellow framework. The door itself was also yellow, and doorframe separating from the theoretical frame from the actual door was blue.

Where am I?

Turning around, he was welcomed by a cloaked figure. The cloak was black, and masked the entity of all but the shape and build of the figure.

It took of its hood to reveal a masculine face with contradicting long, flowing pink hair. He chuckled lightly, and walked towards Ash and Pikachu, walking as if he meant no harm.

He held out his hand, holding naught but a pink card.

The card – in a flurry of pink rose petals – revealed a scythe about the figure’s height. The blade was pink, and the handle was green. He wielded it as if he was about to strike.

Pikachu tensed, as blue charges enveloped its red cheeks.

The figure smiled.

“Welcome to Castle Oblivion.”

* * *

Ash thought to himself. How are those words familiar to me?

In his mind, he could conjure up the face of a boy, but he had no name in his head for him.

He shrugged it off, preparing himself.

“Pikachu, Thunderbolt!” Ash roared, pointing at the figure. Pikachu attempted to send a barrage of powerful electricity, but instead, found itself at a loss. It couldn’t even produce the slightest current of electricity!

When Ash realized this, he grunted. “What’s happening?”

The figure again chuckled. “I should think it’s obvious.”

Those words, yet again, resonated in Ash’s head.

They’re familiar.

“Yes,” the figure said, lowering his weapon. “Let the flame of your curiosity lick at your mind, until the flame engulfs you. Only then will you find the answer to the question you ask yourself.”

“Who are you?” asked Ash, demanding.

“Hmph,” scoffed the figure. “Manners, I swear. But I, too, am rude. My name is Marluxia. You are just so much like him...” He took a step forward –

Ash became tense.


In what felt like an instant, Marluxia lunged towards Ash with his scythe, only for Pikachu to jump ahead, and receive the damage.

Pikachu was tossed aside the room, crying, “chuu...” as it descended.

It began to disappear, and his heart began to ascend –

Ash grabbed at it, as if it would save him, and it disappeared mysteriously, as a yellow glow surrounded him.

A blade, slightly shorter than Ash’s boyish arm span, appeared in a shower of gold, in front of him.

Marluxia gasped, only to find him stopping himself in a chortle. “I almost forgot. We Nobodies can’t feel anything. Not even surprise.”

Ash’s tears began to well up. “What’s going on here?” His voice cracked, as his breathing became irregular.

“Again; I should think it’s obvious. You are one of the Keyblade’s chosen ones,” Marluxia proclaimed. “You are the true Guardian of your universe.”

The blade became more detailed. What was simply a blade and a handle became more complex; hand guards began to sprout from the handle, the blade changed shape, to where at the tip, like a key, made lightning bolts, following a yellow and brown pattern. Unlike a sword, however, at the bottom of one of the hand guards was a keyring, attached to a keychain. They key chain was nothing more than a two-sided head of a Pikachu, coin-sized.


“Both you and your Pikachu were the Guardians of your universe. However, only one can wield the Keyblade,” explained Marluxia further, as his scythe disappeared into tiny fragments of light. “And when your hearts intertwined just moments ago, your heart won possession of a marvelous weapon.”

Ash began to weep, however, Marluxia ignored this.

“Oh, so much like a kid. Unlike him,” Marluxia said, stressing the “him” part that Ash barely understood. “Here’s a toy for the kid. Sampled from a combination of his memories, along with yours, you will learn about someone very much like you...”

And then, out of thin air, a card appeared in a small shimmer of gold into Marluxia's hand. He threw it to Ash, catching it without fail.

And then Marluxia disappeared into a cloud of darkness; the one Ash presumed was the one from whence he came.
So what do you think? I'm sorry I'm using Kotone and Kazunari with their Japanese names, since they do not yet have English ones. I won't change them once we do figure it out.

Also, please do not suggest the starring of certain characters within this story. Within it, and in its sequels (it's going to be a trilogy ^_^), a lot of characters from the Pokémon universe will be used. Team Magma, Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Galactic (the story will mainly revolve around Cyrus and Maleficent as villains, by the way), Sir Aaron, the whole nine yards. Even to the extent of characters that have only starred in a couple of episodes.

Comment away!
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