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Default VPP Johto - Heart & Soul

Welcome to VPP. What we do here is raise virtual Pokémon as we post. It's quite easy because all you have to do is make posts around PE2k, which you are probably doing anyway. You simply choose a Pokémon you like and begin.

How Does it Work?
~ All VPP Pokémon start out as an egg. They then hatch when you get 15 more posts. They hatch (begin) at Level5.
~ For every 3 posts you make, your Pokémon gains a Level.
~ Your Pokémon will evolve when it hits its normal Evolution Level.
~ If your Pokémon normally evolves by Stone or Trading, it will evolve at Level40 instead.
~ If your Pokémon evolves a different way than those above, such as level up with specific conditions (eg. Day/Night, with a particular attack, in a particular location), they will also evolve at Level40.
~ You may not get a pair/baby as a first VPP. You must take a normal VPP.
~ Once your Pokémon hits Level100, you're finished and you may choose a new one!
*When you get a new VPP, you do NOT have to be re-accepted.*

How Do I Join??
All you have to do to get your own VPP is to fill out this form:
(Be sure to read the rest of the Rules before filling it out.)

Pokémon: See below.
Number of posts: At the time you fill out this form.

**You must have at least 10 posts to join.

Do not PM this to me! Post it in this thread!

Receiving Certain Pokémon
There are certain Pokémon that have rules or requirements in order for you to obtain or raise them.

Legendary Pokémon
Depending on the region, only certain Legends are available.
In order to raise a Legendary VPP, you must raise other types first. Each Legend has it's own unique set of types required to catch it. You may receive a Legend after you have the requirements for it.
When you complete a Legendary Pokémon, you must complete 10 full VPPs until you can get/reserve another one.
*Legends hatch at Level50, but it takes 5 posts to go up 1 level for a total of 265 posts.* (That is, 15 posts to hatch, 250 posts to Level 100)

~ Current Legends ~

Raikou ~ 1 Electric, 1 Psychic, 1 Ground
Reserved by Gold Rush

Entei ~ 1 Fire, 1 Dark, 1 Flying
Reserved by MYSTRY MEW

Suicune ~ 1 Water, 1 Rock, 1 Steel
Reserved by !CeMAn

Lugia ~ 1 Dark, 1 Ice, 1 Ghost
Reserved by Pokemon Ron

Ho-Oh ~ 2 Rock, 1 Electric
Reserved by Dr House

Celebi ~ 2 Bug, 1 Poison
Reserved by Ridley

If you have completed the requirements for a Legend, please PM Volcanflame with your stats for approval.
If you have completed 2 of the 3 requirements needed for a Legend, you may reserve it through PM as well. This means that nobody can claim that Legend except you.

*Do not ask to reserve Legends not in the current region.*

When you are accepted, you may pick your Pokémon's egg type. This is what your VPPs will hatch from.
Bug Egg, Dark Egg, Dragon Egg, Electric Egg, Fighting Egg, Fire Egg, Flying Egg, Ghost Egg, Grass Egg, Ground Egg, Ice Egg, Normal Egg, Psychic Egg, Poison Egg, Rock Egg, Steel Egg, Water Egg

Certain Pokémon in the VPP are Baby Pokémon. They remain in their 1st Evolution Stage and only require 100 posts to complete, but they do not count towards you masters or a new legend. You may also take a normal 300 post Pokemon of any of these that will evolve, instead. They may not be used to receive Legends and you must complete at least 1 VPP to raise one.

Aron, Azurill, Bonsly, Budew, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Chikorita, Chingling, Cleffa, Cyndaquil, Eevee, Elekid, Geodude, Happiny, Igglybuff, Luvdisc, Magby, Magnemite, Mantyke, Mime Jr., Minun, Mudkip, Munchlax, Oddish, Pichu, Poliwag, Plusle, Skitty, Smoochum, Squirtle, Teddiursa, Togepi, Torchic, Totodile, Treecko, Tyrogue, Wynaut.

If you wish to raise an Unown, you must first complete 1 VPP. Unown only require 200 posts to complete. They may be used to obtain Legends, but only 1 Unown may be used for each Legend. Only 1 counts towards the 10 VPP you must complete after each Legend. Only 1 counts toward Master Status(es).

There are some Pokémon that have the option to come in pairs. When raising pairs they take 4 posts to go up 1 Level, for a total of 400, instead of 600 to do them seperately. For most purposes, these sets are counted as just 1 VPP. They both get added in your collection, but are considered one set, or 1 completed VPP.

Solrock & Lunatone, Illumise & Volbeat, Gorebyss & Huntail, Ninjask & Shedinja, Slowbro & Slowking, Poliwrath & Politoed, Vileplume & Bellossom, Beautifly & Dustox, Plusle & Minun, Butterfree & Beedrill, Wormadam & Mothim, West Gastrodon & East Gastrodon, Magikarp & Feebas.
Cradily & Armaldo- Must have 1 Rock VPP to obtain.
3 Tyrouges (Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop) - Must have 2 Fighting VPP to obtain.
Nidoran Male & Nidoran Female- Must have 1 Poison or 1 Ground VPP to obtain.
Omastar & Kabutops- Must have 1 Rock or 1 Water VPP to obtain.
Espeon & Umbreon- Must have either 1 Psychic or 1 Dark VPP to obtain.
Leafeon & Glaceon- Must have either 1 Grass or 1 Ice VPP to obtain.
Tauros & Miltank- Must have 1 Normal VPP to obtain.
Froslass & Glalie- Must have 1 Ice VPP to obtain.
Gallade & Gardevoir- Must have 1 Psychic VPP to obtain.
Bastiodon & Rampardos- Must have 1 Rock VPP to obtain.
Hippopotas(M) & Hippopotas(F)- Must have 1 Ground VPP to obtain.

If you have already finished a VPP from a pair, and decide you want its mate, then you can post to get the second one. It will take just 1 post to go up a level.
ex/: Take the egg for the Pokémon you want to add, it will hatch after 5 posts (Level5). From there, treat each post as 1 Level, evolving it accordingly.

Once you have completed 10 full VPPs (not including Baby Pokémon), you become a VPP Master. When you reach this status, you may choose 1 Pokémon (other than Legend or Pairs) to add to your collection for free. These Master Pokémon may count towards the 10 requirements between legends. Once you get your next 10, you may take another Master Pokémon.

Special Offers

Johto Starters HGSS Special ~ Stock: 2
Requirement: Must at least have 2 finished regular starter VPP (it can be from any region).
*Note: This VPP takes 300 posts to finish (and they can't evolve), and counts as 1 VPP (so it counts towards Legend/Master VPP requirements).
**No reserving. But you can claim it and do the VPP later (in case you're still working on a VPP). Post here if you meet the requirements! The first two will get this not-so-special VPP.
Claimed by: Pokemon Ron

~ Stay on VPP topic in this thread. That means only talk about VPP here. We have other threads for chatting. If you go off topic here, or SPAM anywhere on the PE2K forums, you will be punished.

The SPAMing punishments are:
Warnings, VPP Suspension (this can be up to 50 posts), VPP Ban.

A Suspension from the VPP means you cannot level up, evolve or finish your VPP Pokémon until the decided number of posts is finished. You aren't allowed to post in this thread until then either. Don't even think about SPAMing away your suspension posts.
A VPP Ban means you're banned. You forfeit your VPP, and remove it from your signature and don't get to enjoy the fun of raising Virtual Pokémon.

VPP Suspended –
No one. YET~


VPP Breeder Stats
Can be found here

Typed ~ Seawolf
Banner ~ Matt
Egg Sprites ~ Matthew
Created ~ Omis & The Elite Ygseto
Moderators ~ The Elite Ygseto, Omis, Thanatos, Jack of Clovers, Matt, Seawolf, Shady, -PK*
VPP Acceptors ~ Necromancy, Leman, Volcanflame, Pokemon Ron, Nyurgh, Elecii, Temporal Snake*
*These people can/will accept you to join the VPP. These people will also give you your evolutionary numbers for your VPPs*

© Ygseto and Max, 2004.
Do not steal idea.

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