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Default Re: Individual RP: Fierce Deity

Ranger: Ranger Adam
Location: Meteor Valley, Ranger Outpost 8

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OCC: Sorry again D:

“Okay let’s move out!”

We both left the area and headed towards the bond, it was a long way to go so I was sure we would meet a few Pokemon on the way. We moved slowly across the grass watching out for any Pokemon. Suddenly as we were moving one of the rocks blasted open.

Instinctively I threw Gengar out in lightning speed. Before the rocks could reach us Gengar used Protect stopping us from getting hurt. Once the rocks stopped flying we looked at the Pokemon that was the cause of this.

The Pokemon seemed to have many heads and arms. It was a Claydol. The Pokemon span round quickly blowing all of the grass around it, creating a trail were it was. It was attacking and we had to move quick. That Rapid Spin would hurt if it made contact.

“Alonzo quick, we have to fight no or run quickly”

The Claydol span around faster and faster now creating a small dent on the ground and a larger path. Alonzo needed to be fast.

» » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » »

Name: Fierce Deity [Alonzo]

Location: Meteor Valley

Money: $1,600
Encounters Remaining: 12
Total Items: Full Heal x4, Hyperball x1, Superball x4

Pokemon Stats

Pokemon: Kingdra
Gender: Male
TM/HM: Blizzard, Hidden Power [Poison], Ice Beam, Protect, Rain Dance, Substitute, Surf, Waterfall
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Brave
Health: 44%

Pokemon: Gyarados
Gender: Male
TM/HM: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Taunt, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Waterfall
Ability: Intimidate
Nickname: Leviathan
Nature: Bold
Health: 100%

Pokemon: Spiritomb
Gender: Genderless
TM/HM: Calm Mind, Snatch, Substitute, Will-o-Wisp
Ability: Pressure
Nickname: Tombstone
Nature: Impish
Health: 91%

Pokemon: Togekiss
Gender: Female
TM/HM: Grass Knot
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Calm

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Claydol [Brave] | 100%
Honchkrow, [Rash] | 5% [PAR]
Unown, N/A, [Docile] | 100%
Mime Jr, F, Filter [Sassy] | 7% [Captured]

Total Pokemon Captured:
Mime Jr, F, Filter [Sassy] | 7%
Honchkrow, [Rash] | 5% [PAR]


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