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Default Re: An Actually DECENT Crossover... Any thoughts?

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Hey, no problem! So you only have Ash's prologue part done now? Neo Pikachu told me this great advice: write several chapters before you decide to post. That way you can decide whether or not you want to go forward with this (which I hope you do), and possibly edit any details before putting it forth. I did that with my one and it's turned out great. ^^

It's hard? Why so?
Thanks! That is what I'm planning to do. I'll probably write a few more, post them here, and then I'll decide.

I don't know why; I think I was half-asleep when I was writing it, I guess. x3

Prologue II (of III) - Sora's Beginning

Sora, driving the Gummi Ship with diligently, was quite aggravated. This is so now what I wanted to do on my sixteenth birthday. He was wearing a one-piece, black fighting suit that held a slim, red bag on the side. He wore a small, light jacket overtop that reached barely above his hips. He sported a crown necklace in the middle of his chest, and wore a few pieces of armor around his fighting suit. He wore abnormally large shoes; so large, they needed zippers and laces. His brown hair was spiky, but not unkempt.
His two friends, Donald and Goofy, who were riding in the back of the Gummi Ship, were not quite human, really.

Donald was a duck that wore only a blue fighting shirt and a blue hat, and had white feathers. His weapon was the Staff; the weapon of magic.
Goofy was – how could anyone put this – a human-shaped being with a dog’s head. He often wore a green shirt with a black vest overtop, and baggy, brown pants. His weapon was the shield, the one that he used to protect himself and others. But believe it or not, the shield also helped him in an offensive state of mind.

Lastly, Sora’s weapon, the Keyblade, a mysterious yet ominous weapon in the shape of an oversized key in the shape of a sword – or a sword in the shape of a key, if that makes any more sense – a weapon that, depending on its owner could bring salvation or destruction.

And the Gummi Ship was basically a small rocket ship that could help the trio travel through hyperspace, the space between worlds. Since the barriers surrounding the worlds originally had faded, other worlds were accessible. Of course, since they faded, Fate found a way to bring Sora to Donald and Goofy… and vice-versa.

However, there was one world they approached that caught their curiosity.
“Uh, what’s that there world?” Goofy asked, putting his left hand on his chin.
Donald frowned. “Odd. I don’t think we’ve ever been to that world before. Sora?”

Sora shrugged.

He was supposed to be doing a mission for the King. He was supposed to look for a world that was “unique, yet dangerous”. This was as unique as worlds got, and the dangerous part of it could be determined soon.
He pulled in.

“Sora, uh, you’re not actually thinking about goin’ on in?” Goofy asked, worried.

“Why not?” Sora asked, without looking back.

And as they approached the world, the Gummi Ship began to shake and tremble, stumbling into the gravity of the world.

* * *

“Rough landing…” Donald said, shaking his head.

The Gummi Ship had pretty much crashed into the weirdest of worlds.
The world was mountainous, with several buildings, some stacked upside-down on each other – adding to the curiosity of the trio – with no people within it whatsoever.

However, one other thing was odd.

“The gravity here is all kershimmeled,” Goofy said, floating in the air. It wasn’t like flying or levitating; more like being suspended in air. Sora and Donald tried it, too. This left them wondering how dangerous this world could be.

Goofy floated off inland, and fell straight to the ground, right on his face, followed by Donald, and Sora, the latter of which landed gracefully on his feet.

“Uh, who turned the gravity on?” Goofy said naively.

Sora stepped a couple steps around.

“The gravity changes as you move around,” Sora concluded.

“This place is dangerous!” Donald said, emphasizing the truth of it all.

And just to add to it, after Donald and Goofy stood up, three shadows with golden eyes appeared from nowhere, and began to move towards Sora and the gang. Heartless.

Sora summoned his Keyblade, and started to swing at the Heartless, all of which withered away.

And just when he began to relax, five larger, white humanoid husks began to appear from below the floating island, much to Sora’s dismay. Nobodies.
“Where are these things coming from?” Sora shouted, as he struck a couple of the Nobodies. Donald got out his Staff, and started to summon flashes of gold that shocked his foes. Goofy got out his Shield, using it to knock Nobodies away, doing massive damage.

But more quantities of Heartless and Nobodies appeared, no matter how many they would slay.

“I’m getting tired of all of this bull-“ Sora shouted, hitting away a Darkball (a black, floating Heartless in the shape of a large ball) and a Dusk (the humanoid husks).

Donald, who was working on a couple of Shadows (the shadows with yellow eyes; its “evolved” form, so to speak, was the Neoshadow; a more complex shadow with a more developed build), was starting to run low on energy. Goofy came to assist him when several Invisibles and Orci (two very similar heartless, both of them having builds matching the equilibrium of a Neoshadow and an actual human. Invisibles are smaller and blue, and Orci – singular being Orcus – are red) appeared.

All of a sudden, a creature flying in the distance came closer, emitting a beam from its mouth, eliminating all of the Heartless. None of them appeared again for a few moments, but the monster just kept eliminating them until they stopped coming back.

The monster started to settle down, but ever so slightly.

It was a snakelike creature with golden armor, the most noticeable feature being the six tentacles – with a horn on each end – that extended from its back. Its skin was gray, and its underbelly was comprised of a series of black and red stripes. Its face had armor around it, opening when it roared.

“What is this?” Sora asked, absolutely confused. He then readied his Keyblade to –

Suddenly, a book with three Nobody symbols on the cover.

The title read, “Pokémona Encyclopediae Zexi”.

The subtitle, presumably the translation, read, “Zexion’s Encyclopedia of Pokémon”.

The monster paused for a moment, noticing the existence of the book, as if it respected it, almost.

Sora went out to reach it, and before he could touch it, it automatically opened up to page number 487.

It read, “Giratina, Pokémonum Non Fidelis – The Disloyal (or Renegade) Pokémon. It lives in the Reverse/Distortion/Torn World, a world to which common sense doesn't apply and is said to be reverse of this world. It was banished there because of its violence.”

Sora folded his arms, however uncomfortably with his Keyblade in his right hand. “A Pokémon? Do Pokémon have hearts?”

The Pokémon, supposedly being the Giratina the encyclopedia described, scoffed.

The encyclopedia opened up to an article on page 494.

“The Joy of Pokémon – I, Zexion, abandoning the name of Ienzo for the sake of the Organization, have found another universe. I have called it Universum Pokémonum, or the Pokémon Universe, just as this one is the Universum Mundum, or World Universe. Universes, as I have found, are few and far between, and can be easier than traveling from world to world within our own universe, at least, when the barriers are up. This also can lead to an easier way of travel within a universe; by traveling to another universe and back to your own, just somewhere else.”

It continued. “These creatures, called Pokémon by their inhabitants, all possess unique traits, and unique weaknesses, and can be strong and weak in many different senses. The oddest thing about this universe is that it lacks worlds; instead, it possesses something called a ‘solar system,’ whatever this may be. Further research must be done. However, it does possess dimensions, key ones being the normal dimension, a domain for each of the Creation Deities, including Giratina, the ruler of the Reverse/Distortion/Torn World. These dimensions seem to protect a deeper dimension, for some reason. As stated earlier, this requires much more in-depth research. Whilst it is clear that Pokémon have hearts, their hearts are obviously quite different from normal hearts. Whether this is because they are not human nor animal is as of yet unclear.”

Sora seemed to get this now. The encyclopedia shrunk to the size of a pea, dropping into Sora’s hoodie, behind his head, where Sora knew Jiminy Cricket was kept safe. He was Sora’s chronicler; he saw all the action while protected by Sora, and gave all the data to King Mickey for royal purpose.

Giratina realized the disappearance of the book, and stretched out.
It appeared as if it was trying to say something, but it couldn’t. Since Sora and friends could not understand, it got very angry.

Flying around, it charged a beam, but it didn’t seem to be aiming at Sora, nor Donald or Goofy…

Suddenly, something like a Gummi Ship, but was aircraft nonetheless, that looked like a Giratina, started firing lasers at Giratina.

Following the Gummi Ship was a herd of levitating plant like Pokémon that Sora could barely see from afar, however, he could see that their ears looked like wings, and that they had flowers that looked like a scarf. They kept shooting Energy Balls – green balls of ominous energy – towards the Gummi Ship.

This much was true so far; the person (or thing, for that matter) that was operating that Gummi Ship was not a popular being. Sora, then, as Giratina flew under the island, jumped off.

“Sora!” Donald and Goofy screeched together, but Sora was not harmed. Giratina caught Sora on its back while trying to evade the attacks.

At this point, Sora did not know what was going on. But he had to help the Giratina. For the King, he added in his mind, deflecting lasers from the Gummi Ship, as Giratina would occasionally shoot fiery beams.
I put Reverse/Torn/Distortion because I didn't know which one I wanted to call it; I probably will call it the Distortion World, because I do plan to make a world for Darkrai called the Torn Dimension.
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