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Default Re: VPP Johto - Heart & Soul

Originally Posted by mfauz View Post
how does this work ?
Originally Posted by Volcanflame View Post
How Does it Work?
~ All VPP Pokémon start out as an egg. They then hatch when you get 15 more posts. They hatch (begin) at Level5.
~ For every 3 posts you make, your Pokémon gains a Level.
~ Your Pokémon will evolve when it hits its normal Evolution Level.
~ If your Pokémon normally evolves by Stone or Trading, it will evolve at Level40 instead.
~ If your Pokémon evolves a different way than those above, such as level up with specific conditions (eg. Day/Night, with a particular attack, in a particular location), they will also evolve at Level40.
~ You may not get a pair/baby as a first VPP. You must take a normal VPP.
~ Once your Pokémon hits Level100, you're finished and you may choose a new one!
*When you get a new VPP, you do NOT have to be re-accepted.*