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Default Darkness (PG-13/R)

Okay well I have been absent from the Fan Fiction scene for a while so I figured I would try my hand at it again. It's sort of a horror story that I have going on, it's going to be complicated, and the only way to figure out what happens is to read. I'm not even enitirely sure of what is going to happen, I have small ideas even after this prologue.

Without further ado...

A New Horror/Mystery/Sci-Fi Story From Legend of Lucario (My Serebii Name)
Prologue: Agony

Karen could only imagine that what she had discovered was fantasy. On her back, she was stared down by an orange and green creature with piercing yellow eyes. It stuck out two long tentacles and waved them clumsily at her. Karen moved a lock of her brown hair out of her face and slowly crawled away.


An intense pain shot through her leg as she tried to scoot away. Her eyes were closed tight and she bit her lip trying to numb the pain a little. Her white outfit was splattered with the crimson blood of her colleague, her friend, her lover.

“Why do you want to hurt me?” Karen asked in a sigh of pain.

The creature continued to give her a blank stare, waving it’s tentacles. Karen looked at the Pokemon again, it’s tentacles began to tighten up and draw closer to the body. The Pokemon began to raise them over it’s head.

The being was ready to attack.

Karen tried to move as fast as possible. It was all insane. Why does this Pokemon want to attack? Why is this Pokemon’s heart full of evil? What happened to make it this way?

The tentacles struck.



~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~ ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~

A Few Days Before

“We have just received news of a strange Pokemon citing near the Spear Pillar.” The news anchor broke the silence in Karen’s pod. She turned her head to catch a glimpse of the story.

“It seems that this Pokemon is orange and green,” a bald guy explained on the television screen, “eye witnesses say that this Pokemon has come from the sky, or out of space.”

Insteresting Karen thought to herself.

“Hey babe,” a deep voice called.

Karen hurriedly turned her face back to the computer screen to seem busy. A tall man with buzzed brown hair walked in and put his muscular arms around her thin torso.

“So did you find anything yet?” He asked.

“No,” she replied with a frown, “it seems that the evolution studies are classified.”

“Damn it.”

“That’s what I said.”

“Did you see anything else that we could focus study on, since we can’t retrieve any information on how Pokemon evolve?” The man sighed.

“I just saw a report on TV,” Karen explained. “There is an unidentified Pokemon near the Spear Pillar, or that’s where they’re saying it is, and the people who have seen it are reporting that it is from space.”


“That’s what I said.”

The man stood up and paced back and forth inside the dark room. The light from the television and the computer screen gave the dull floor some light, but that being the only thing.

“What should be do, Barry?” Karen posed a question.

“We should probably set a mission to go up there.” Barry told her.

“I’ll set up a team then.”


Karen turned around to the computer. She moved her hair out of her green eyes and then began to type onto her computer. After several minutes, she had a memo typed up on the screen to be sent to the colleagues of the lab.

The memo read:

Dear Colleagues,

There are reports of an unidentified Pokemon near the Spear Pillar. Eye witnesses said that this Pokemon is from space, or they have spotted this Pokemon coming through the atmosphere.

The reason I am writing this is, is because your commander, Barry, would like to set up a excavation team to go scope out the Spear Pillar. If discovering any traces of this creature, we will need to bring it back to analyze, and then go about naming the Pokemon, seeing how many there really, are and breeding patterns.

Thank you for the cooperation and we will need to meet and 5:00 PM to pick the team, which will be lead by myself and Barry.


Karen finished typing the letter and then clicked a few buttons to send it to all of the people who work under Barry. She then logged off of her computer and walked across the room to lay on a small, gray bed. She laid her head on a pillow the same dull color of the bed and closed her eyes.

Maybe this is it. Karen brainstormed. If there is any trace of this Pokemon, we will strike it big, and I mean BIG! Hopefully we find the actual Pokemon itself! The only thing is we need DNA. How are we going to obtain DNA from this Pokemon without frightening it, what if it attacks?

Karen then cleared her head and then began to nap.

~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~

“Everyone be seated!” Barry commanded with a stern voice. He tucked his bulky hands into the pockets of his jet black pants and stared out at the crowd.

“For this mission we need some of our best members.” Karen said walking up to the podium that Barry had set up.

Eye of many colors stared at the two as they began to pick names. Karen opened up a small, green folder. The two began to go through the names and highlighted the ones that were best. The crowd sat with their hands clenched tight together, some biting their lips and some tapping their foot on the hard ground. For another couple of minutes, Karen and Barry looked through the list.

“Okay!” Barry shouted.

“We have our crew.” Karen smiled.

“First off, we would like to say that Brian will be the leader underneath Karen and I.” Barry explained.

Brian’s figure loosened up in relief. A small smile found it’s way onto Brian’s face. His fists unclenched and he let out a small sigh of happiness.

“Next up is Missy.” Karen said.

Missy then pulled her hands in and let out a deep breath, like Brian. She slid down in her tiny seat and uncrossed her thin legs. She put her manicured hands in her lap, one on top of the other.


Taylor’s face turned white as the snow in December. She brought her hands in closer to her stomach and began to frown. She looked over at the other members of the crew who seemed excited. She opened her brown eyes wide and bit her lip, hard.

After called a couple more names out, they were at eight members. Barry adjourned the meeting and kept all the members of the team. They all stood in a semi-circle in the middle of the concrete floor. Karen stood in front of the team and looked over her list.

“Brian.” She began. “You will be leader underneath Barry and I, and you will also be in charge of the diary and recording events.”

“Melissa, you will be in charge of equipment, that’s keeping it organized and making sure that it works.”

“Taylor, you will be in charge of all the data that is collected on this trip.”

The team was all assigned jobs and they were sent home to pack. Karen went back into her pod and fell back down onto her bed. She stared up at the ceiling, like she had hours before.

This is really going to work!

A small yellow rodent crawled onto the bed and laid down beside her. Karen looked down and scratched the little Pokemon on the head. It’s yellow and black ears twitched in comfort.

“You’re such a good little Pikachu.” Karen said. “We are going to go on a mission soon.”

“Pika.” Pikachu cheered, really not having much of a clue on what a mission was anyways. It’s not like the tiny Pokemon ever went with them anyways.

Barry entered into Karen’s pod and pressed his lips against hers. Karen loosened up her muscles and grabbed his face.

“You are an excellent kisser.” Karen smiled.

“Yeah well I can do more than that.” Barry said confidently.

“We won’t get to do much of that over on the Spear Pillar.”

“I know.”

Barry smiled at Karen and then left her pod. He waved goodnight to her and Karen covered herself up and drifted off to sleep again.
~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~ ~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~

Right before the attack

“There it is!” Barry whispered with excitement.

He began to scoot closer, with his big brown boots scraping against the rocky setting of the Spear Pillar. He tried to move as quietly as he could, not to startle the Pokemon.

“Shhh!” Karen made the sound to Barry.

“I’m trying!”

Karen began to follow in suit of Barry. She looked directly at the strange Pokemon. It had it’s back turned to the two humans. It didn’t hear them.

Things were going great.

Barry came up a few feet away and then stopped. Karen stood behind Barry and stared in amazement. Brian, Missy, and Taylor slowly crept up behind Karen and stared in awe. Their eyes were wide open in amazement, and a little out of fear.

“So…close…” Barry remarked.

The Pokemon’s ears twitched. It slowly turned around and stared at Barry with bright yellow eyes.

“We’ve been noticed!” Barry exclaimed with his blue eyes wide open.


“What?” Karen asked. “The Pokemon can understand us?”


“We better get out of here!” Taylor, the nervous one said frightened.

“We need evidence of the Pokemon,” Karen started, “as well as some DNA to figure out it’s mating type and everything!”

“I’m leaving!” Taylor began to back down. She pushed her way down the broken up floor of the Spear Pillar.

The newly discovered Pokemon let loose of it’s tentacles which shot out behind it to grab the escaping human. It wrapped the tentacles around Taylor’s arms and flung her against the wall furthest away from them. Taylor’s brown eyes opened wide, her mouth dropped.


Her body slowly slid down the wall and slumped over. The metallic blood smeared against the wall as the corpse slid down, making the scratchy noise up against the rock.

“Oh my God!” Karen whispered in fear.

“LET’S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” The other members began to shout as they ran to escape.

The Pokemon then reached out of the other two as they ran. Missy was ahead of Brian and was sliding faster down the rocky structure of the Spear Pillar. The tentacles wrapped around Brian and threw him against a sharp rock. A huge hole was ripped into his stomach. Blood gushed out of the wound. Brian’s eyes slowly closed and his mouth slowly opened a lot like Taylor’s.

This time the creature turned around and stared Karen and Barry down.

No emotion.

The Pokemon reached out for Karen. Karen turned her head away and crouched down out of fear. The tentacles tightened up and descended from the being’s body.

“NO!” Barry shouted.

He jumped on top of Karen. The tentacles wrapped around Barry’s legs. He was slowly lifted off of Karen and into the air. Barry’s eyes were shut tight and he began to scream. Karen couldn’t move. She was too scared. The powerful tentacles then slammed Barry on top of Karen’s legs. Barry’s snapped to the right, facing Karen. Blood trickled out of his mouth. His eyes rolled in behind his head revealing nothing but white with tiny red veins running around in different directions.

Karen screamed.

Chapter One Is Up!

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