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Default Re: Darkness (PG-13/R)

Okay so Chapter One is coming soon. I'm comfortable with the proof-reading part. I'm not happy at the length however, I wanted to make it longer, but the next part that I am going to write doesn't seem to fit into chapter one.

This chapter is uneventful but it's still got some important stuff in it I feel. I might even re-write this later, but that's because I always feel like I am lacking detail...but I'll let you reviewers decide that. I'm also displeased that I can release this earlier, I still don't know what this feels like it's lacking but hey, maybe I'm just being silly.

Chapter One

Rain began to fall on top of black hats as they, with their owners, stood around four wooden caskets. A woman with straight, blonde hair stood in front of everyone with her head down.

The clouds were a light gray and filled the sky completely, not a piece of the blue, pleasant sky was visible. Large trees towered over the group of people who were mourning those inside the caskets. Their names were engraved on each of them. Taylor, Brian, Karen, Barry.

“Well,” a pastor in a black suit breathed, “that’s the end of the service, you all may return to your homes.”

The pastor then stepped down from a small wooden platform and walked away to his vehicle. A large group of people then followed him out. The woman with blonde hair continued to stand there. She looked up and pushed her hair out of her face. Tears had filled her hazel eyes.

Why did I have to make it? She thought Should I be with them? Am I somewhat responsible? What’s going to become of this Pokemon? Is it going to go away? What can I do?

“Missy,” a deep, masculine voice called.

Missy turned around and looked into the man’s face. He stepped close to her and wrapped his large arms around her small figure. She rested her head in his chest and began to cry a little. The man looked down and wiped the tears out of her eyes with his finger.

“Let’s go home.” He sort of smiled, wiping a piece of jet black hair out of his face. He grabbed Missy’s hand and they began to walk. Missy turned her head and stared back at the caskets. They slowly became smaller and faded out of her view as the couple headed for their vehicle.

~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~~*** ~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~

That night

<Those creatures?>

The beast looked out into the night sky from the top of the pillar. It’s yellow eyes stared into the stars that lit the purple sky.

<What were they?>

The Pokemon then closed it’s eyes and turned around, facing the inside of the pillar. After it opened it’s eyes again, it observed the setting. There was blood splattered everywhere, from the floor to the stone walls. Small pieces of gravel covered the ground. Judging by the cracks in the walls, the orange and green animal could tell the structure was rather old.

<Did they want something with me?>

The creature clasped it’s hands together in the front of it. It closed it’s eyes again, turned around and then walked to the edge, and began to admire the stars again.

<They acted as if I was strange, they wanted…samples?>

The Pokemon then looked down at the sand that was far below it. The blue ocean water foamed on the edge, leaving the cream colored sand a light brown. The waves made a calming sound. The being closed it’s eyes in relaxation.

<They didn’t even know who I was. Why is that? They don’t know Deoxys. Not even a legend? I‘ve been here many times.>

Deoxys then sat down and crossed it’s stub like legs.

<I should study them. Instead of creating this blood bath, I should have tried to understand them.>

Deoxys turned it’s head and stared at the blood that was left from it’s victims.

<It was protection, they wanted to hurt me.>

Deoxys then shut it’s eyes and turned it’s head back around. A blue aura started to take shape around the Pokemon. The blue aura then turned into a bubble that surrounded the Pokemon. Afterward, Deoxys began to levitate. Slowly, it floated off the pillar and over the ocean.

<What a strange world. Everything seems so…serene and peaceful.>

Deoxys stretched it’s legs out and began to build speed over the ocean. There was nothing above the Pokemon, or below him, just the purple night sky and the crystal water. Deoxys observed both with some curiosity in it’s eyes.

<It’s different from anything that I have ever seen.>

[+] [+] [+]

Melissa was turned over on her side facing away from her husband on her bed. She had her hair tied in a messy bun and a black lace night gown on. A small, pink cat Pokemon was laying by her side. She ran her hand on the silky tan colored cover that was on the bed. It slowly made it’s way onto the Pokemon’s head. She scratched behind it’s furry, pink ear with one manicured nail.

“Ski!” The creature stretched her paws out in comfort.

“Good girl.” Missy smiled. She turned her head to face her husband.

“Toby?” She requested his attention. He turned his head and smiled at her. She ran her hand through his long hair and then touched his muscular chest.

“I wonder what that Pokemon is doing.” She told him.

“None of that matters,” Toby began, “that Pokemon is dangerous and nobody should dare to try to go near it.”

“Well that’s what I want to do.” Missy explained.

“Why,” Toby questioned, “that Pokemon not only tried to kill you, but it did kill your colleagues!”

“I know,” Missy put her head on his chest, “but I want to understand it. I want to know why it had intent to kill us.”

“Probably out of fear,” Toby tried to explain, “It doesn’t understand us, just like we don’t understand it, out of fear it attacked, I’m sure!”

“Yes, well, this Pokemon seems different.” Missy told him. “I mean it seems like it is so much smarter than that, much more complex.”

“Maybe.” Tony stated.

Melissa then turned her back to Tony and began to pet the little cat Pokemon again. She then cocked her head and smiled at the animal, the cat smiled right back.

“You see,” Missy began, “after all this, I would really like to learn more about Pokemon.

“Hmm.” Tony mumbled, as if he was uninterested.

“I mean I would even like to study our little Skitty right here.” Missy said. She picked up the Skitty and sat her in between Tony and herself. The Skitty stared into her eyes with her head to the side.


“That’s kind of shocking,” Tony looked over to her, “I mean after all this you would think that a Pokemon might just frighten you a bit.”

“Not really, I’m just curious.” Missy smiled. Tony smiled back at her.

“You do whatever you want.”

“Well I think I am going to get the rest of the team together and maybe I could take control of the lab.”

“I don’t see why not,” Tony gestured, “the only thing is, is will everyone else want you to take the lead?”

“Well I don’t know anyone more qualified really.” Missy shrugged her shoulders.

“You should start by getting everyone together.” Tony grabbed her hands.

“Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.”

Missy then reached her head in for a kiss. Tony pressed his lips to hers and then she gave him a small hug. She turned over on her side and made her way underneath the covers. She rested her head on a large pillow and closed her eyes.

This seems so right Missy thought. This is what Karen and Barry would want, to continue research. I’m sure that they would want me to find out more about that new Pokemon too.
~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~ ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~
The Next Day

The sun was shining down on the silver laboratory. Rays of light bounced off the roof of the building, giving it a bright, shiny appearance. Melissa stood outside of two glass doors. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She pushed open the cold door and stepped into the laboratory.

“Pika.” Missy heard a faint cry.

“Oh my goodness.” She put her hand in front of her mouth.

The small yellow rodent came running toward her. He then sat up and looked her in the eyes. A bright smiles found it’s way onto his face. Melissa bent down and grabbed him by his waist. She lifted the Pokemon up onto her shoulder and scratched his head.

“You have been in here by yourself for the last couple of days.” Missy frowned. She then stepped down the lightless hallway and into the room where Karen used to stay. She saw a small red feeding bowl and clear bowl that was supposed to hold water. Both of them were empty.

“Oh!” Missy said shocked. “You must be really hungry!”

She grabbed both of the bowls and headed back down the dark hallway and into a large kitchen. Once she stepped into the kitchen, she turned and flicked the light switch on. The room was illuminated with bright, fluorescent lights, transforming the dull gray color into white.

Missy stepped over to a small metal sink and turned it on. She stuck the water bowl underneath the faucet, and let it fill up most of the way. She then walked to a small, round table and grabbed a bag of food. She proceeded to filling the bowl up with the brown flakes of kibble, and then carried both bowls into Karen’s pod.

It was dark.

Everything was made up, just as Karen had left it. The computer was left on from somebody who was using the lab while they were on the mission. The TV was shut off and Missy couldn’t see a thing. She grabbed the mouse of the computer and shook it, she put it back and the large, rectangular screen lit up. The screen asked for a name and a password.


PASSWORD: ************

The computer then logged into her account. There was nothing on the screen, just a royal blue background with random icons scattered across the desktop. She opened up the icon that said “E-mail.“ Once the application opened, Missy began to type a memo.

Dear Colleagues,

Though our leaders, Karen and Barry, have moved on, I would like to continue the research that they have left behind. I would like to finish the beginning studies of evolution and I would still like to try to study the unidentified Pokemon. Though this time we will need to be careful, that Pokemon is dangerous.

If you guys could meet me here in the lab around two o’clock or even if you can come a little later, I would like to organize the team and events. Please and thanks to all who show.


She signed off the computer and began to leave the room. Before she left she saw a small picture on a small metal table beside the bed that once belonged to Karen. Misy picked the picture up and looked at it. The picture was of Karen and Barry kissing each other.

Tears began to rush to her eyes.

“Pika?” Pikachu stared at Missy with large eyes.

“Oh it’s nothing.” Missy lifted the small mouse onto her shoulder once again.

“It hurts because your master is never coming back baby.”

Pikachu looked at her with blank emotion, unsure of what she meant by that. He cocked his head in question and then nuzzled it’s head against her cheeks, as if it was trying to cheer up the crying woman.

“Let’s go buddy,” she scratched it’s head, “let’s get the lab started up.”

The little electric Pokemon smiled and hopped down. It ran in front of Melissa as she headed for the main room that contained all the equipment and computers. As she stepped in she flipped a row of switches up. Large lights started to glow. Slowly, they lit up to full power. Large machines started to make scratchy sounds as they powered up.

“It feels like the days before.” Missy smiled.

She walked to a computer with a large screen. She typed in the team’s name and logged into their data files.

Bump bump bump.

Missy heard the tapping noise against the doors in the hallway. She checked the time, it was just after one, so it wasn’t time for the meeting. She slowly walked into the hall and up to the doors. A short, brown headed figure stood outside the door. She opened up the door and a small man walked in with a smile.

“Good afternoon, Melissa.” He smiled sweetly.

“Good afternoon, Jeffrey, come on in.” She scooted and let the man make his way into the lab. The two of them filed into the main lab.

“So I see that you want to get back to work!” He exclaimed.

“Well I feel it’s what Karen and Barry would both want.”

“Of course.”

The man walked around and began to turn on all the smaller machines. He flipped switches and typed on the assortment of keyboards set up throughout the lab. Melissa sat down at a long metal table that was placed in the middle of table. A small manila folder sat in front of her with the word EVOLUTION stamped on it in big print. She opened the folder to see it’s contents.

“Hmm,” Missy mumbled, “it seems that we are a little bit farther along then I thought.”

“What?” Jeff asked.

“I’m guessing that Barry and Karen know more about evolution then they told the rest of us.” Missy explained.

Jeff came up beside her and looked over the papers.

Pokemon with a specific amount can go through a process called evolving, depending on the Pokemon’s strengths the Pokemon can evolve.

“Well most of us already knew that, Missy.” Jeff frowned at her.

“That part we did, but keep reading.”

There are certain Pokemon out there, however, that cannot evolve with a certain amount of training. Some Pokemon require different stones or special treatment to evolve. After running tests on my Pikachu, I found that there is a stone that matches in the chemical makeup of Pikachu, this stone has been named a thunderstone. When the stone meets with the Pokemon, the bonds meet, letting it evolve.

“So there is science behind the stones.” Jeff scratched his chin.

“Yeah, well, there is a science behind everything.” Missy smiled at him. She shut the folder and pushed it to the side.

“You know what I want to study.” Melissa’s emotion returned to a serious one.

“Of course. It seems to me it’s eating you up to know.”


Jeff left the small lab and grabbed another manila folder. He placed it before Missy. The words UNIDENTIFIED SPECIES was stamped on the front of this one. She opened the folder and found different research papers on different Pokemon, most of them being studies on urban legends. In the top right corner, there were paintings of each of these Pokemon. At last, she found the paper that Karen had begun on the unidentified creature. There was not much written there.

This Pokemon has only been spotted by a few people, it has only been seen flying through the atmosphere, it possibly comes from space.

“So,” Jeff began to ask, “what do you plan to do?”

“You know what? I’m not so sure.”

Jeff stared at Missy. He began to play with his thumbs and then walked over to the really large computer. He navigated his way through the files on the computer. He pulled them up and began to read them.

“How come you didn’t unlock the door yourself to come in when you showed up?” Missy asked. “Did you know I was here?”

“Yeah I saw your car,” he smiled, “you know I have been coming everyday, mostly to take care of Pikachu.”

“So someone did come and make sure that it was okay.”


Missy then focused on the file. She read the small line of words over and over again. She searched the table for a pen. She grabbed a dark blue one and began to fill in a couple of details.

The Pokemon was an orange color, with green markings, it also had bright yellow eyes. It had four tentacles, two on the right side and two on the left, they’re both very powerful.

Powerful enough to kill.

Missy closed the pen and shut the folder. She got out of her chair and walked over beside Jeff. She began reading into the files that Jeff had pulled up. Most of them were the reports that the eye-witnesses of Deoxys made.

“Not much detail in here.” Missy frowned.

“Of course not,” Jeff looked at her, “you’re the only person that has really seen it.”


Missy took in a deep breath and headed back into Karen’s room. She flipped on the lights and began to search around for the papers. She walked and searched in every nook and cranny of the room gathering all the files that had been kept in there. She then headed back into the lab and began to sort through them.

“I don’t know where to start.” Missy sighed.

“I can tell.” Jeff sympathized.

“I don’t even know what I got myself into,” Missy began to cry, “I mean I just witnessed my friends die and I don’t even know how I’m going to study this Pokemon, or how I’m going to get anyone else to.”

Jeff stood beside her and wrapped his arms around her. He pulled her head into his chest. He ran his fingers through her silky hair and laid his head on hers.

“Don’t worry. You’ll figure it out.”

Chapter One Is Up!
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