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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Name: Esper

Gender: Male

Species: Espeon

Side: Renegades

Age: 13

Description: Esper is short for an Espeon, standing at 1.8ft tall and weighing 84lb, but that's because he's still young. His fir is green, also unlike normal Espeons. His eyes glow purple, like normal Espeons. He has a scar near his eye, and fir doesn't grow over it, making it plainly visible. Becides those things, there are only some minor things like some blood stains on his fir, as a result of the water not longer being, well, wet.

Personality: Esper is calm and calculating most times, feeling little to no stress in battle. This is something he learned in the future which he calls his present. He can be dark and anti-social, also as a result of the 'present' he lives in, but he can also be really friendly and social if you get to know him. Esper also hated all Umbreon.

He hates all things dark, including dark type pokemon. He will even hate dark pokemon if their on his side. He has made the mistake of attacking some dark pokemon who were on his side before, but it never ended to badly. He badly wishes his life was boring, but unfortunatly it will never be. He knows he will probably never exist when this is all over, but he doesn't care. All he can think about is making sure none of this has ever happened.

History: Very little is known about Esper's childhood, well, under the age of ten. Recently the group of Eevees he was living with went insane, and he had to slaughter them all. Durring that battle an umbreon used a shadow claw attack at Esper's eye and it baraly missed, but it did temporaraly blind him in that eye. The Umbreon ended up escaping and it has never shown up again. The scar from that battle is still clearly visible. That may be the cause of him hating dark type pokemon or it may not be. Wether or not it was the cause of that, it is what made Umbreon his most hated pokemon species. The blood of the Eevees he beat remain on him, he in unable to wash it off and it haunts him every day.

Common sense would tell you his life prety much sucks now. All the darkness had taught Esper to, not fear, but hate all things dark. How he managed to evolve into an Espeon without the sun or being happy is unknown, but if he evolved into an Umbreon he would have probably killed himself. He is now trying to find a pokemon called 'Celebi' to return to the past, if just to find out what it was like he will find 'Celebi'.

Other: Esper is a shiny Espeon... oh wait, you already knew?

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