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Default Blaze Arcanine's Trading Pod! I Breed Any Pokemon! Have Event Arceus!


I have a lot of offers, but I also have rules.

1. Please, PLEASE do not say "Check my thread for what I have."
2. Please do not get angry if I do not trade right away. I do have a busy schedule.

If you can't read well, my friend code is 1375-9496-3611

Here are your Pokemon offers!

Shiny Pokemon:

Lv. 1 Ralts (3)
Lv. 1 Gible (2)
Lv. 1 Riolu (4)
Lv. 1 Rattata (1)
Lv. 21 Shellos East Sea (1) (On GTS)

Yes, some of these are cloned.

Legit Legendary Pokemon (Not including Event Legendaries):

Lv. 47 Diagla (UT)
Lv. 50 Azelf (2) (1 is UT, other is T)
Lv. 50 Mesprit (UT)
Lv. 50 Uxie (UT)
Lv. 50 Cresselia (2, both UT)
Lv. 47 & 70 Giratinas (UT)
Lv. 70 Regigigas (UT)
Lv. 70 Heatran (UT)
Lv. 40 Regice, Regi-Rock, and Regi-Steel (UT, from Hoenn)
Lv. 15 and 20 Rotoms (UT)
Lv. 100 Latias (T) (Will need a WSHMKR Jirachi or TRU Regigigas

Event Pokemon:

world '08 Lucario
Electrivire and Magmortar (PKTOPIA)
Deoxys (Gamestp)
Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus from in-game event
Latios and Celebi (10 ANIV)
Lv. 1 Manaphy (PKMN RNGR)
Lv. 100 Arceus (Toys"R"Us)

EV Trained:
Aggron Lv. 47
Garchomp Lv. 54

Regigigas (Toys"R"Us)
Mew (Any event, just not hacked.)
Darkrai (Toy"R"Us ALAMOS)

Also, I can breed any legit breeding Pokemon.

That's it!

When things get better, Pokesav will come back.

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