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Default Charizard ex's 2nd Annual Blasting Inferno Tournament

Hello and Welcome everyone. I am hosting the 2nd Blasting Inferno Tournament. I have been gone for awhile, and on I am back, and I wanted to hold a tournament again. I am hoping to get at least 32 people to enter. This tournament should be a good warm-up tournament for everybody that is going to be entering the Try-outs for the Serebii war tournament and also for Shinyshuckles' mono type tournament. I will be offering prizes to the top 3 finishes. I am also working on making a little thing for your sign showing that you won this tournament. Sign-ups will start asap and they will end Friday Nov. 20th. The tournament will be double-elimation, so if you lose 1 match you will still have a chance of placing in the top 3. Thank you.

1. No Ubers
2. Sleep, Evasion, Species, OHKO clause are all in effect.
3. No hacks.
4. No disconnects at all.
5. No being rude.
6. Most importantly have fun.

Sign-up Form:
Experience: (Why is this important you ask, well i will tell you why. I am going to be ranking people by there experience. That way the 2 best players don't versus each other until the Finals if they make it there.)

My FC: 4297-6886-2794

My trade thread:

Credit goes to Neeno

Battle Frontier Double Challenge Points: 40

Help get the pe2k Olympics approved by the mods

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