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Default |False Accusation™ |

False Accusation: Part 1

__________________________________________________ _______________

Author's Note: This is a dream I had, minus the Pokemon. Also a gruesome death and other stuff that I can't rememeber... Anyways, I've tried to finish the story for quite some time now, glad I finally got to finish it even though it did not turn out how I envisioned it. Also there will be a second part to this story. This is my first story over 30k and the first story I actually like xD

Also, if you don't get something, or have a question i.e a characters reaction, it more than likely will be revealed in the next chapter of the story once this is graded!
__________________________________________________ _______________

A sad howling sound filled the small cold town of John Adams as the rain had finally stopped pouring down. The poorly made streets were flooded with water. Roads were covered with everything that the brownish water could sweep, such as lawn ornaments, little kids toys, and waste that the rainwater knocked out from garbage cans. It was times like these that it was best to stay indoors and drink a cup of hot chocolate around the fire place. I however, was not that fortunate at this time.

My story begins on a stormy bitter night in a town where everyone knows nearly everything about everyone. My brother Axel and I were carefully making our way through the unpleasantly cold water. My black pants and blue t-shirt were soaked with water. We were at the library getting books for Axel’s night class. We had been in the library all afternoon just waiting out the rain. It had been showering on and off all day long. When it had finally stopped, we then decided that it would be best if we tried to make it home before it started again. Normally we would’ve teleported home with my brother’s Gardevoir, Rayne, but she was really sick back at home and was unable to transport us anywhere at this time.

“As soon as we get home Emit, I want you to take off those wet clothes and put on something dry.” Axel said looking into my light grey eyes. His dark slate grey eyes would shine a little bit whenever the moonlight would hit his eyes. “I’ll have something warm for you to eat when you’re done.”

Axel had just barely turned twenty years old. He has been watching me ever since I can remember. We have been on our own since our adopted parents had died in a plane crash two years ago. Since Axel was eighteen years old when that had happened, he took it upon himself to take care of me, and has done so ever since. He worked two jobs to make sure I had everything I needed. He worked one job on the weekdays and the other job on the weekends only. On top of that all, he was finishing up at the community college he was attending. Though he had a lot on his plate, we still managed to spend a lot of time together.

My legs were hurting bad, but I didn’t complain about it. I never really complained about anything because I knew Axel already had a lot to worry about and I didn’t want add to that with such a minor personal problem. In some mysterious way though, he always knew when something was wrong with me. Then again, we did have a strong connection, so that may have been how he always knew things like that.

“What’s wrong?” Axel asked, moving his brown curly hair, which was similar to mine, away from his eyes. His black t-shirt and blue pants were soaked just like my clothes.

“Nothing I’m fine.” I responded, trying not to make it seem like I was lying and keeping a straight face.

“Here, Aquos can help you.” he grinned, tossing a red and white Pokeball into the water. A water type Pokémon that was a bit taller than me floated in front of me. His yellow floater on his neck helped him stay above water more easily while he was floating on his stomach.

“Thanks.” I said, feeling a little bad about not walking, but my legs were really hurting. I hopped onto the five foot two water weasel as it swam by my brother’s side.

Suddenly, without warning, a large rock like object the size of a golf ball fell from the sky a couple of feet in front of us. Axel stuck out his long arm in front of the Floatzel and waited. Another round shaped object fell from the atmosphere. Then two more fell near us. It had gotten so cold that the rain falling from the sky froze into large ice balls. The hail was also coming down hard.

“Quick, we have to get inside something.” Axel stated as he walked onto the drive way of an abandoned house on the street. I looked at it and shivered. A cold chill went down my back. I could tell that this house was higher than the rest because the water only covered half of the yard.

There is always one house in every town that the general population classifies as haunted, or that something mysterious happened there. This house was one of those places. Like most of those haunted house in the movies, this one was brown, old, and had two stories. Also like in the movies, this house appeared to be darker that the others on the street. The tall grass that could be seen above the water was dead just like the oak tree in the front yard. Some of the rocks in the stone plated path way that led to the house were displaced and sticking out of the ground. The heavy rainfall from earlier must have caused this.

I jumped off Aquos’ back and headed towards the porch. Axel thanked the water type Pokémon and returned him to his Pokeball. I did not get a chance to say thanks to him.

We walked onto the covered entrance of the house. The windows were broken and covered by planks of wood. Axel knocked on the door. We knew that no one was in the house, but he always felt that it was best if we always knocked before entering another house.

I looked at the entrance of the road and saw a white and blue police car. It was parked in the water so it was obvious that it had been there most of the day since no cars could have driven in the flood without damaging the vehicles. There appeared to be no one in the car at the moment. I turned my gaze at the house across the street and saw someone staring at us. I barely caught a glimpse of his face. I was not sure, but I thought I saw a scar on the cheek that was on my right side, that didn’t matter though, because he quickly moved into a bush and out of sight. That really freaked me out, but I was too cold and tired to care.

Axel knocked three times, and then the door opened on its own. Shrugging, Axel took five steps into the house. I followed close behind him. The door behind us closed shut, causing me to shriek loudly.

Axel looked in my direction and motioned with his hands for me to be quiet. The house was surprisingly warm. It was as if someone was living here, or had been here in the past three hours or so. I looked over to the fire place and saw some red coals. Someone had definitely been here.

There were many things in this house that scared me. Some of the more obvious reasons were the front door of the house opening and closing on its own. Another was the fact that someone had been in this house when it was supposed to be abandoned.

“Let’s try and get a fire started so that we can dry off and keep warm.” Axel reached into his pocket and pulled out another Pokeball, tossing it into the air. A grey dog Pokémon popped out of the ref and white sphere. His arrow shaped tail wagged from side to side as he sniffed the air and began barking, trying to warn us of something.

“Shh!” Axel whispered angrily at Shadow. The Houndoom hung his head sadly. “Sorry buddy, we don’t want anyone knowing that we are in this house. Can you light a small fire so that we can warm up and dry off” Axel patted Shadow on the head and knelt beside him. “Shadow, stay here and watch Emit while I go upstairs.”

“No, please don’t leave me.” I pleaded. It’s not that I did not feel safe with Shadow, but I felt more protected with Axel being by my side. This place just creeped me out.

“It’s okay, I’ll only be upstairs for a few moments.” Axel assured to me as he ran his hand through my hair. “I’ll be back faster than you’ll even realize.” With that, he headed up the old creaking stairs.

I looked at Shadow and smiled. He was gathering small planks of wood to burn in the fire place. I thought about releasing my Pokémon to help out, but decided against it. I hadn’t really bonded with Shadow like I have with Axel’s other Pokémon so this was a good chance. “I guess you are not so bad.” I shrugged, as I helped him throw the wood into the hearth. Soon after, we had a small fire going. It wasn’t hard to start one since Shadow was a fire type Pokémon. The trick was to keep the fire going afterwards.

It was already twenty minutes that Axel had been up there with no word. Not even a sound could be heard.

“I’m going to go check on him.” I said to Shadow.

“Hound!” Shadow said sternly shaking his head.

“C’mon, we have to.” I protested. “Don’t you find it weird that he hasn’t come down yet?” Shadow looked at me and then sighed. I knew he didn’t want to disobey Axel, but he too felt that something was wrong and nodded his head.

We both walked up the stairs as quietly as we possibly could. As soon as we reached the top I could see Axel standing at the doorway. He appeared to be frozen in place. His face was filled with fear, as if he had seen a ghost. Shadow rushed to his side. I followed close behind. I saw a knife on the floor and picked it up. Something a shiny liquid was on the knife. I brought it with me to the room Axel was standing at. Axel must have not heard us coming because he didn’t turn or anything. He appeared to be paralyzed for some reason. A loud cry escaped my throat as I saw what was in the room. The sight was so gruesome and unbelievable. I stumbled back and scraped my arm on a piece of wood that was coming off of the door. My blood was coming out and smearing on the wall.

My cry appeared to have snapped Axel out of the trance he was in. He grabbed me and wrapped his hands around me, pressing my face into his chest. He was trying to shield me from seeing what was in front of me.

I closed my eyes, but the image was still there. The red blood was smeared all over the walls on room. The body of a middle aged man was cut up on the floor. His shirt appeared to be torn off and his pants were ripped in several places. His blonde white hair had red stains in it. His chest was slashed open and his right arm was severed. His mouth was cut too look as if he was smiling and his eyes were ripped out of their sockets. That kind of image is one that scars someone for life; it is something you are not likely to ever forget.

Axel picked me up, still covering my eyes, and walked me downstairs.

“I told you not to go up there.” He said angrily. “You shouldn’t have seen that.”

“Who would do such a thing?” I asked as my eyes filled with tears.

“I don’t know, but we have to get out of here.” He said sternly.

“We can’t leave him like that, we have to call the cops.” I acknowledged.

“You are right, just don’t touch… anything.” His eyes filled with fear as he pointed to my left hand. “What is that?”

I looked down at my hand and gasped. I forgot I was holding the knife. The tip was covered with blood. “I…I… I didn’t mean to.” I cried.

“We’ll have to get rid of this and get out of here.” Axel said shaking his head. He whispered something to Shadow and Shadow nodded in agreement.

Then I heard something in the side of the house, it sounded as if someone was climbing the side of the home.

“I think I saw someone go in here!” A voice came from outside the house. Axel quickly got up and carried me to the closet. Shadow followed us into our hideout. We had to wait until they left to escape.

The front door opened up and two police officers in a blue neatly pressed uniform could be seen entering the house, both had their guns out. One of the officers seemed familiar, but I could not remember who he was. He had a scar on his right cheek.

Axel quietly put me down and placed his hand over my mouth and made a zipping motion with his hands that meant for me to keep my mouth shut. I nodded, letting him know that I understood. Axel brought out another Pokeball and held it in his hand.

“Let’s go check up stairs and then leave.” The unfamiliar officer said. “Whoever it was must have left already.

The familiar officer grinned and nodded. They headed upstairs.

“Let’s get out of here.” Axel whispered loudly as we exited out of the closet and headed towards the back door. A loud scream and then a hard thud were heard from above. Axel shoved me hard under the table and tossed the Pokeball he had in his hand into the air. A large purple bat with four wings emerged from the round circular device.

“Stop right there, you’re caught!” A voice said. I knew it was the familiar officer.

“Confuse Ray, and then follow it up with Haze, quickly Fang!” Axel ordered.

Fang’s eyes widened and a beam of blinding light shot out and hit the officer. I could see his legs stumbling back and forth as if he were drunk. A black mist filled the room after. I felt a strong hand grab me and pull me out from under the table.

“Do it Shadow.” I heard Axel call out. Shadow opened his mouth and formed large streams of flames that rapidly made the house catch on fire. It was probably the Haze that caused the house to burn faster.

We were outside, Fang and Shadow following close behind. Axel put me down and we started running. It was hard to run with all the water in the area, but Axel kept pushing me to go faster. It was easy to get through most of the streets, because like the one on Cadaver St. most of the back yard area we were running through was elevated and water was passing right through. We kept on running until we were at our house, not looking back once. Our house was the last green house on Raikers St. It was a one story house with one small blue car in the driveway. We had three trees in the front yard and some plants that made the house look livelier than the rest of the dull brown houses in the street. It was Axel and I that painted our house green so that it would stand out from the others. It also had this tree house in the back that my adopted father, Axel, and I had built five years ago. This was one memory that I was never going to forget.

Once we were inside the safety of our green colored home, I felt a little secure. I knew that this was not going to last long. They would find us easily since this was a small town.

“Grab whatever you can and get ready to leave.” Axel ordered. “Clothes, food, and anything else that is important.”

I knew not to argue with him when he asked me to do something, especially now. I ran to my room. I took a few moments to take a last good look in my room. I did not know when I was going to see my room again so I had to make sure I remembered everything. I had just got a new computer which was sitting on the desk near my laptop. My room was a baby blue color with posters all over the wall. The posters were of different movies that I had seen in the past years. One of the posters being of a robot from the Transformers movie, that was by far my favorite poster and movie.

I grabbed a duffle bag and began throwing my clothes into it. I put enough clothes in it for about a week. I put other belongings and necessities such as my toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, cologne, and some extra pair of old shoes into my bag. It was semi-heavy, but I could carry it for a while if we started running again. I could not take it anymore. I sat on my bed and started crying.

“Emit, are you…”Axel started as he saw that I was crying on the bed. He sat next to me and pulled me closer to him. He put his arm around my neck and said nothing as I continued crying.

“I am sorry, this is all my fault.” I said sniffing, wiping my eyes and nose on my shirt. “I didn’t mean too.”

“Whoa whoa, none of this is your fault Emit, you know that right?” He strictly said, trying to assure me. “This is my fault. I am the one that brought us into that house. I should have been more careful.”

“But if I hadn’t touched that knife, we wouldn’t have to be running. “I argued.

“You didn’t know that knife was a murder weapon.” Axel responded, standing up and knelling in front of me. “Besides, they won’t ever find that knife. I won’t ever let anything happen to you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, sort of confused.

“I got rid of the knife so that nothing could be traced back to you and completely burned half of the bottom floor, so that any marks that you or I left will have disappeared.” He assured me. “It is as if we were never there. Though I am unsure how the house is still standing.”

“But then how will they find the killer of that man?” I questioned.

“They more than likely won’t.” He said sadly. “You are more important to me, so I have to make sure you are safe at whatever costs.”

I felt bad that the evidence that could help find the killer was destroyed, but I didn’t say anything to Axel about it. He was trying hard to cover all this up for us and I did not want to mess that up.

“Are we ever going to come back here?” I asked, hoping that he would say yes.

“Of course we will.” He assured me, his voice sounding positive. “It’s not good for a thirteen year old boy to be running all of his life. We’ll be back before you realize it.”

“Why did you shove me under the table earlier?” I asked curiously.

“I did not want to officer to see you, or even know that you were there.” Axel sighed. “He had already seen me, there was no need for him to see you as well.”

I nodded and was silent. He was always trying to do what was best for me, but this time it was a costly price.

“Let’s go to the kitchen to get something to eat and then we have to leave to Aunt Rachel’s house.” Axel stated. She was not really our Aunt, but she was always checking up on us and making sure we were okay, plus the fact that we’ve known her a long time makes us want to call her that. She doesn’t mind since she has no kids of her own.

“Okay!” I agreed, placing a hand over my stomach as it growled. We walked into the kitchen and a bowl of semi hot soup and hot chocolate was awaiting me. I sat down and began eating. “You’re not going to eat?” I asked, spilling a little soup onto my shirt.

“Not right now, later perhaps.” He sighed as he turned on the television.

Gardevoir had teleported in front of me. She appeared to be doing a lot better. Her fever had gone down a lot and she was almost practically healed. She handed me a black handkerchief.

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