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Default Re: |False Accusation™|

False Accusation: Continued

I heard a soft, faint whimper come from the attic. I decided to go check it out first. I made my way up the stairs silently and opened the surprisingly small door that led to the top story of the house. I looked around. I was shocked by how warm the attic was. It was so cold outside and the attic had many holes that let the cold outside air in. This room should have been cold, but it was warm. I heard some scraping sounds coming from the opposite side of the attic. I cautiously made my way over to where the sound was coming from, unsure of what I would find. As I approached the area from which the sound was emanating from what I saw took my breath away.

I could not believe what I saw. In the corner of the room was Shadow tied up tightly. He was desperately trying to get free. I could see something wrapped around his mouth and rope around his legs. The thing wrapped around his mouth was shining a bright reddish orange color. I could tell it was extremely hot. Shadow was trying to melt it off, but he was not successful. I was not sure what the thing around his mouth was made of, but I knew it was fire proof.

“Hang on, I’ll get that off of your mouth.” I whispered quietly as I reached into my pocket for a round black and blue Pokeball and tossed it into the air. A large purple and black bat emerged from the sphere.

“Gliscor, Gli, Gli!” Shyde cried happily as he raised his claw, saluting like a soldier. I liked the way he always did that.

“Shyde, use Night Slash to break that thing off of Shadow’s mouth.” I commanded. I knew Night Slash would not hurt Shadow since he was a dark Pokémon. The flying scorpion saluted once more and then both of his claws radiated a dark purplish black color.

Shyde hovered over Shadow, examining the band around his mouth as aimed his attack in order not to hit Shadow. The purple dual-typed Pokémon brought his claws down, crossing them in an ‘X’ shape. The band that held the fire type’s mouth shut was finally off. Shadow opened his jaws wide open, showing his sharp teeth. He then bit the rope off of his legs and stood up on all on all fours.

“What happened to you?” I asked curiously. He jumped in front of me and motioned for me to follow him, ignoring my question.

I did not waste any time and followed him out of the room. I had to know what was going on. Shadow jumped down from the top of the stairs to the bottom without making a sound. I moved down the stairs as quickly and quietly as I could to catch up with him. He was at the end of the hall looking down.

“Stay here Shyde.” I told the ground type Pokémon. I walked up behind him and looked down to see what he was looking at. I could hear Aunt Rachel talking quietly on the phone with someone.

Who could she be talking to this late at night? I wondered to myself. I could barely hear what she was saying, but I listened carefully so that I could hear every word.

“I have the suspects you are looking for in my house.” She muttered into the phone. “I will make sure they stay here until you arrive. They can’t leave without their Pokémon.” She gloated as she held up a case that had Axel’s Pokémon. The case looked ancient. It had strange symbols on it and was brightly colored. The Pokémon could not get out for some odd reason.

“They are asleep upstairs.” She assured the person on the line which I assumed was the police. “Will I get what I was promised?” A big grin formed on her face as she nodded.

I could not believe what I was hearing. She was turning us in. Shadow stepped back a little, and then jumped from the second floor onto Rachel. I no longer saw her as a friend, but as an enemy. The large dog Pokémon knocked her down to the ground, causing the case my brother’s Pokémon were in to get knocked out of her hand.

“Shyde, grab that case!” I called out. The flying bat Pokémon swooped down and swiped the case with his dagger tail. I saw Shaggy, come into the room. He looked at Shyde and launched a Fire Blast at him. Shyde quickly tossed the case to me and prepared to take the hit, but Shadow jumped into the air in front of Shyde taking the hit which powered him up because of his Flash Fire ability. He glared at dog with the large mane. He was prepared to take down the Arcanine at all costs necessary.

“Shyde, help him out.” I ordered as I walked to the room where my brother was. Even with racket that was going on downstairs, my brother was still asleep. He must have been really tired. I ran up to the bed he was in and shook him. He moaned a bit, and then quickly woke up.

“What’s up?” He asked, as he examined my facial expressions.

“We have to leave now!” I began to explain. “Rachel called the cops and turned us in for the reward.” Axel looked at me with a confused look on his face.

“What are you talking about; she would never do that,” he argued, “and what reward?”

“Never mind, just come with me.” I demanded as I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of bed and down the hall. He looked down at Rachel. In the distance, a police siren could be heard.

This angry looked that I had never seen before formed on Axel’s face. He grabbed the box from and took out a Pokeball and tossed it to his right side. Rayne appeared besides him.

“Hypnosis!” He muttered to Gardevoir. She nodded and her arms swayed back and forth as her eyes glowed a vivid pink color as Rachel and Shaggy fell to the ground. I looked at them lying motionless on the ground, and then recalled Shyde to his Pokeball. Shadow ran up the stairs and stood besides us as Rayne chanted the same thing the moment we teleported to Rachel’s house. In an instant we were teleported to a park in the west side of town. Except for the soft howling of the wind, the park was quiet. No one was in sight.

Axel sat on the ground and did not say anything. He was thinking about something, but I did not want to ask. Finally, after a long while, he spoke.

“We have to go back to the abandoned house and see if we can find anything that can help us find the murderer.” He whispered softly. He looked at Rayne and she nodded. Rayne chanted something different this time. It sounded sad and mellow. I closed my eyes and waited for the rush to come as we teleported back to the place where it had all started.

When I opened my eyes, we were in the bottom floor of the abandoned house. There were burnt marks all over place. The whole bottom floor was completely burned just like Axel had stated earlier.

“I am going to check upstairs, you stay down here and look around.” Axel strictly said to me. Shadow, Rayne, and him walked up the stairs to look around. I sighed and scanned the room. I did not know what I was looking for, but it had to be something good that was going to help me clear Axel’s name and catch the real killer that is unknown as of now. I headed to the stairs and began to walk up them. Then the old brown wooden step broke and my foot went through the wood and hit the ground. I was lucky that I only scraped my foot and did not break it.

I realized then that there was a small room under the stairs. I decided to go and take a look and see what I could find there. I broke off three of the old wooden stairs so that I could crawl under and see what was beneath the staircase. I did not expect to find anything, but it never hurt to check. I could hardly see anything since very little light was coming in.

I crawled back out and hit my knee on something on the way out. I looked for something that could give me some light in that dark area. I found two flashlights that looked quite expensive. It was long and black and heavy. They lit up pretty well. I crawled back under the staircase and looked around. There was a small ‘O’ shaped hook like nail sticking out of the ground. I did not know what it was, but it looked quite suspicious seeing that it was the only thing under this stairway. I moved closer to it in order to examine the hook. It was obviously what I had hit my knee on when I was getting out earlier seeing that there was no other object here. It looked pretty ordinary. It was a rusted old hook. I turned to crawl back out when some of the dust made me sneeze. I sneezed so hard that I dropped the flashlight. The flashlight made a hollow thump sound. I picked up the flashlight and knocked on the ground. It sounded hard.

Then I knocked on the area where the flashlight fell and that hollow sound is what I heard. I stared at that area for a few seconds then brushed some of the dust off of the hollow area, where I discovered a square. I knew then that this had to be some kind of secret area. I tugged on the nail hard until it finally opened. A musty smell filled the air within seconds of me opening it. After adjusting to the smell, I carefully went down the ladder of the hidden room.

The underground room was bigger than I expected. I looked around and saw a brown old journal and a light switch near the desk. I heard someone coming down the stairs. I hoped that it was Axel because if not then I would definitely be cornered since there was no other exit to this room.

“Emit, are you alright?” He asked as he examined the room. There was not much to look at. There was just a desk and the journal. The room was forty by forty which was pretty big for

“Yeah, I am okay.” I answered.

“How did you find this place?” He curiously said.

“It was by accident actually, my foot went through one of the stairs.” I laughed softly. “This journal is all that I found here so far. Don’t know what’s in it yet though.” He took the book from me and opened it to the first page. The strangest expression came onto his face as he read whatever was on the page. “What is it?” I nervously asked.
“It says here that this book belongs to… John Adams.” He stated in a scared, unsure voice.

“That is the name of this town, does that mean that…?” I could not even finish my sentence.

“Yes, this is the guy that the city is named after.” He responded, finishing my sentence. “This is the guy that was killed. They say that the person who killed him was never found. It also says ‘If you are reading this then I am more than likely dead.’”

“Well read it and let’s see what it says.” I said anxiously. Axel nodded and began to read the journal:
Entry 1: January 5, 1959 – You know how some people say that they can feel when they are about to die? Well that is how I feel right now. I am not sure why or how, but I feel that it is coming soon. I think it has something to do with the material I found in this area. I hope to start a small town here soon so that my house is not the only one here. For now it is just me and my four partners, three which are my trusted Pokemon. We will be entering the cave tomorrow so hopefully all goes well.
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