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Unhappy Re: |False Accusation™|

False Accusation: Continued

“If three Pokémon is his partners, then who is the fourth one … a person” I asked, “and what was the material that he found I asked impatiently.”

“We’ll see, let me finish reading.” Axel grumbled, flipping the page.

Entry 2: January 6, 1959 – I was definitely right about the material in this area, it is most definitely plentiful. We are now inside the cave and have to go pretty far inside in order to find what we are looking for. Donating this to a museum is most definitely the best choice. Richardson doesn’t think so. He’s been acting pretty strange lately. The way he killed that Stantler was pretty inhumane. He tore out its eyeballs and gutted it up pretty bad. It was quite disgusting, but he has his ways of doing things I guess. Anyways, we’re getting closer to our destination for sure now.“What is the material, and the way he killed the Stantler reminds me of that body we found earlier. It was gross.” I was getting excited from all of this.

“Well if you let me finish.” He grinned as he turned the page.

“Sorry.” I whispered.
Entry 3: January 7, 1959 – We are so close; I can smell it… literally. We have ventured pretty far into the cave now so there is no turning back. The excitement is unbearable. Imagine what we’ll discover once we find this substance. We could get a lot of money from this, but I feel that it is better if we just donate this to the nearby museum. I told this to Richardson, but he quickly got angry and that we were not donating anything to any museum, they were going to have to pay if they wanted out findings. I am beginning to feel uneasy about this; the outcome cannot be in my favor.

Entry 4: January 8, 1959 – We have gone so far in that we are beginning to find what we came here looking for. An Aerodactyl fossil was our first finding. It was located near some diamonds and I am pretty sure that oil is also nearby. I am almost dying of suspense. Also I have noticed that Richardson is really fidgety lately and has not really said anything. He has been pretty quiet. Anyways, by tomorrow we should have arrived at our destination.

Entry 5: January 9, 1959 – I got that strange feeling again today, what made it worse was that when I woke up this morning, Richardson was just staring at me. He asked me if I still wanted to donate what we found and I told him yes. He shook his head and did not say anything else. He was really freaking me out now, but what could I do. We were so far into the cave now; we passed the point of no return a long time ago. I had no choice but to keep going.

I will leave a quote behind: How Right can a person be before they realize that they are Wrong? How far can you look Up to someone before they bring you Down? If there are two paths on the road, one leading Left (wealth) and the other leading Right (knowledge) which one would you pick? The one you picked cannot be one you picked before because you cannot take the same path twice. Then you realize that sometimes were you started is where you should have been all along. You only get One Try in life, make it count.

Entry 6: January 10, 1959 – We have found the area where there are more plentiful. Fossils, Diamonds, and oil. They would surely make a man rich instantly, which was now my problem. Today the feeling I had been experiencing were at an all time high. The time had finally come. Richardson tried to kill me earlier. I saw him slip something into my drink. At first I thought I was paranoid, but then after he stabbed me in my left arm I knew what his intentions where. He had actually tried to stab me in the heart, and he would have succeeded had I not moved to the side on time. I was extremely lucky, for the time being. His first attempt surely would not be his last. I kicked him in the middle of his face, knocking him out, but I did not know for how long. I was hoping that it was just enough for me to get away.

Entry 7: January 11, 1959 – I am still on the run, not too sure how much longer until I got out of this cave. My wound would surely be getting infected by now. I had stopped the bleeding, but there was no way of closing the wound. I just had to keep going, I should be out of this cave by tomorrow.

Entry 8: January 12, 1959 – I fear that this is my last entry. I am so tired now; I have not slept in two and a half days and have just been running. I am now out of the cave and in the safety of my own home, but just how safe was it? I knew it was a matter of time before Richardson found me. I did not have a phone nor did I have a Pokémon that would reach the authorities on time. I had to hide in the secret room I built. It is located directly under the stair case, but of course if you are reading this then you already know. There is no way to get into the room through the house without messing up the stairs so I had to go in it the hard way. There is a well in the back, after going down it, you must tap on the brick with a ‘JA’. That will lead you two one off two rooms. To get to the other room you will need to find the stick in the wall and break the code. I hear someone coming into the house now. To find the truth, find the ball with holds the Pokémon that contains the data. Whoever finds the Pokémon can battle it and capture it if they choose, but first they must get past the two guardians that protect the Pokémon that holds the truth of what happened on this very day.

Everything is getting harder and harder to see. I am so weak. Prevail to the secret room, the one that shows my doom. Poetry, riddles and rhyming were always one of my…

“It ends with the long streak leading off the page.” Axel sighed. “There is another room, but we need some sort of code.

“I don’t get it though.” I asked anxiously. “Where is the code?”

“Well first let’s find the stick in the wall, and then we’ll worry about the code.” Axel assured. We both examined the room, but it was empty. The brown walls were a bit dusty, but not dirty enough to cover up something on a wall, no matter how small it was. There was only one place left to check, behind the desk. I ran over to the desk and attempted to move it. The desk was real wood, and the heavy kind.

Axel took out three Pokeballs, one of the Pokeballs being one that I had not seen all night. He tossed them into the air and three white lights flashed before my eyes as three big figures formed from the light. It was Rayne, Aquos, and Chompers. The half dragon, half ground type Pokemon was standing tall like he usually did. He was the strongest of Axel’s Pokémon.

The water weasel pumped his arms in effort to show off his muscles.

“I need you three to move that desk out of the way without damaging it.” He said strictly, looking at Chompers who liked to destroy things. Sighing, the hammerhead looking Pokémon nodded, along with Aquos and Rayne. Rayne’s eyes shimmered colorfully as she tried to use her psychic powers to lift the desk. If she had not been teleporting us all night, she might have been able to do it all by herself, but for now, she needed help.

Chompers went on the right side while Aquos went on the left. They, along with Rayne were able to lift the desk and move it away from the wall. As we suspected, a small lever stuck out of the wall. Now the problem was how exactly do we open the secret door? Around the lever was a carved out maze that had four exits, one of them was the right one.

“How are we supposed to know which one is the right path?” I asked. I was really confused.

“That’s it… you got it, the right path!” Axel exclaimed, picking up the journal. I did not know what he was talking about, but he continued talking. “In the journal John says:

I will leave my favorite quote behind: How Right can a person be before they realize that they are Wrong? How far can you look Up to someone before you realize that they are trying to bring you Down? If there are two paths on the road, one leading Left (wealth) and the other leading Right (knowledge) which one would you pick? The one you picked cannot be one you picked before because you cannot take the same path twice. Then you realize that sometimes were you started is where you should have been all along. You only get One Try in life, make it count.

“That is the clue, the code; he left it in the journal!” Axel cried happily. He walked up to the handle, placing his hand on it as he read the book.

“How right can a person be before they realize that they are wrong?” He read. He was about to move his hand when it hit me.

“WAIT!” I shouted, nearly causing him to drop the book.

“What is it?” He grumbled.

“What if going right is wrong?” I asked. Axel looked back down and the book, then looked at me, then back down at the book. He looked back up and smiled.

“I think you’re right!” He said thankfully as he continued reading. Then another thought came to me.

“But what if he expected us to think that and right is actually right?” I asked again. The smile from his face disappeared as he removed his hand from the lever.

“Let’s just go right.” He sighed. I could tell that he was desperately hoping that going right was the correct way to go. He placed his hand back on the bar and moved it right. A clanking sound was heard as the lever reached the end of the path.

“Okay, it says next ‘How far can you look Up to someone before you realize that they are trying to bring you Down?’ “Axel recited, trying to read between the lines. He moved the lever up and the clanking sound was head again. Then he moved it all the way down and another clanking sound was heard.

I hoped that he was right. “What’s next?” I nervously asked.

“Umm…” Axel mumbled as he read the next line. “If there are two paths on the road, one leading Left (wealth) and the other leading Right (knowledge) which one would you pick? The one you picked cannot be one you picked before because you cannot take the same path twice.” He looked at the lever. Although I had not noticed it before, there were two paths to take, left or right.

“We already went that way,” I explained pointing to the left, “So right is the way we go.” Axel looked at me and shook his head in disagreement.

“I think that is what he wants you to think.” He countered. “I think that left is the way to go. Remember that we already took the right path. We have to go left now.” He moved the lever left and heard a clanking sound. He was about to read the rest of it when a really loud bang followed by several clicking and clanking sounds.

The wall began to split open. A rush of air came blowing into the room, nearly knocking us off our feet.

Axel whistled loudly. The sound echoed through the long hallway. I heard a soft thump behind us. I turned to see Shadow, he was pointing with his tail upstairs, letting us know that he had found something.

“We found something as well buddy!” Axel said as he praised Shadow. “Let’s go down this hall.” He grabbed the flashlight from my hand and went in front of me. There was another hallway with a door at the end. The door seemed pretty fragile since it was always getting wet under this well. He carefully opened the door. He flipped the light switch which revealed a room similar in size to the other hidden room. This room however, had moss and fungus growing on the floor. There was a computer in the back of the room with an old fashion computer with a Luxury Ball. The black and red bejeweled Pokeball was covered in dust and some mold. Two mysterious black orbs appeared to be floating in the top right and top left corners of the room, but for the time being, I ignored them. I walked over and picked up the Luxury Ball and examined it.

“Go ahead, toss it.” Axel said, assuring me that it was okay. I nodded and pressed the center of the Pokeball. The ball opened and a white light came out. Emerging from the Pokeball was a small purple ghost Pokémon. It yawned and appeared to be startled by our appearance. It looked around the room, its dark blue and red color turning a pale color. Its body radiated a sky blue color and making this weird mechanical sound. It sounded as if it was processing something in its mind. After a few moments, a loud voice could be heard in my head. I looked over to Axel. He just shrugged at me.

“You will do battle with two others before you will do battle with me, only then will you find the truth.” The voice in my head said aloud.

“Go ahead, this is for you.” Axel nodded, handing me a green and blue Pokeballs. I smiled and took it from his hands. I pulled out my own Pokeball and tossed it into the air, sending out my Pokémon. As I did that, the two floating orbs began two shake, slowly levitating to the ground. Once the orbs were a foot off the ground, they opened simultaneously. A black and white beam shot out of the orb, Two Pokémon that I could recognize stood before me. One was a Snorunt. It looked like the first Pokémon that came out of the Pokeball, but this one looked like it had a blanket over it. The next Pokémon that came out of the orb was a Snover. This one looked like a miniature pine tree covered in snow.

“Let me take care of them, you will battle with the Gastly.” Axel said, referring to the Snover and Snorunt.

“Alright.” I said, nodding in agreement.

Axel and Shadow both moved forward. He pulled out another Pokeball and sent out another Pokémon that I had not seen before, nor did I know he had it.

“Drapp!” The bug looking scorpion cried. It extended its claw-like-hands and roared again. The purple Pokémon moved to Shadows side. The black fire dog closed its eyes and breathed slowly. The Drapion moved in front of it.

“Good Dagger,” Axel called out, “Protect Shadow while he uses Nasty Plot, use Cross Poison on the Snover.”

The poison Pokémon shot forward, its claws began glowing a purple color as some violet ooze came out of its claws. Dagger slashed them down on the Snover. The Snover flew back into the wall, smashing hard. It did not get up.

The Snorunt sucked in and let out a cold Icy Wind attack. Little particles of ice mixed with the cold air and hit Dagger. The Dark type Pokemon struggled to move, It was now moving very slowly. The Snorunt chuckled and charged forward and Head butted Dagger hard in the stomach. Drapion gasped for air as it tried strike back.

The frost tree Pokémon was now back up and ran forward towards Drapion, his arm arched back and glowing a bright green color. He swung his arm forward and slammed it into the Ogre Pokémon. Drapion shrieked and skidded back. Then he closed his eyes and his body began glowing an array of colors and he calmed himself down. He was using Acupressure. Drapion opened his eyes and roared loudly as the white glow began to disappear. The scorpion Pokémon seemed to be stronger now as if its defenses rose.

Drapion ran towards the two Pokémon in a crab walk manner. He was now faster as well. He had both of his claws raised and slashed them down hard on the Snover. The X-Scissor attack threw the Snover back into the wall and it squealed in pain. The Snorunt launched itself as a projectile towards Drapion, her fangs were frozen. She bit down hard on Drapion’s shoulder causing him to roar in agony. He slammed his claw down hard on the Snorunt, forcing it to let go.

It seemed as if this battle was never going to end. The Snover once again got up and ran over to his partner’s side. Together, they both did a small dance and small ice particles could be seen forming around them. I was amazed, yet worried at the same time. This was going to be a strong attack, especially since they are doing it together. The ice particles began to spin faster and faster before they all flew towards the Drapion, freezing him in place. They both rammed into Drapion, causing some of the ice to come off of his body.

“Alright, Flamethrower Shadow!” Axel called out. Shadow was fully powered up using his Nasty Plot. He took in a deep breath and began forming flames in his mouth. When he blew out, a huge stream of flames came out and engulfed the Snover and Snorunt. The tried to remain standing, but fell over in an instant. Axel tossed two green and blue Pokeballs into the air, hitting them both on the head and sucked them in. The Pokeballs shook several times before coming remaining motionless on the ground.

“Our turn!” I called out to Shyde. As I said that, the Gastly moved forward.

The large scorpion bat hovered above the ground, saluting at me like he always did.

“Shyde, we need to win this battle so that we don’t have to run anymore.” I did not waste any time, and began the battle. “Use Quick Attack with Night Slash!” The purple scorpion dashed off towards the tree shaped Pokémon in an extremely fast manner. Striking the Gastly before it even knew what happened. We caught it off guard which was to our advantage. The Ghost type Pokémon flew back and through the wall.

It went back through the wall and eyed Shyde for his next room.

Gastly opened its mouth and launched out a colorful wave of beams. They moved at an amazingly fast speed. The array of colors melded together beautifully as headed towards Shyde.

Shyde tried to dodge it, but this attack was too fast to hit. It struck the flying ground type Pokémon in the chest, causing him to lose his breath.

Shyde growled angrily at the Gastly menace. The Ghost Pokémons attack confused Shyde. The purple dual type Pokémon looked around the room, trying to locate the Gastly.

Gastly opened its mouth again and launched out a second colorful wave of beam. They did not move at fast pace as it did earlier.

“Shyde, snap out of it, follow the temperature change,” I called out. Shyde nodded, his claws turning a dark purple color. He began slashing them all over the place. The Gastly easily evaded them. The ghost Pokémon moved to Shyde’s left side and opened its mouth again.

“He is at your left, attack to your left!” I shouted.

The Gliscor began slashing hard to his left hitting the Gastly multiple times. The Gastly sunk to the floor. I thought it had fainted, but unfortunately it was not going to be that easy. The gas ball Pokémon rose from the ground and stood before the confused flying scorpion. Bits of dark matter began to form in front of the Gastly and Shyde. It took the shape of a sphere and was growing larger and larger.

“Get out of the way!” I shouted at Shyde, hoping he would avoid the attack. Shyde was hesitant on which was to go since it was confused and could not see well. Instead, he began once again slashing out again at the Gastly, in attempt to stop it from using its attack. It slashed at the Ghastly several times and the Ghastly was knocked out. Surprisingly, instead of sinking through the floor, it remained above.

I enlarged the Pokeball and threw it at the Gastly, hitting it precisely in the middle of its small gas body. The Ghost Pokémon was sucked into the sphere and fell on the floor. It shook several times. The suspense was eating me as I anxiously watched the blue and green Pokeball that Axel had gave me.

I could tell that he too was impatiently waiting to see the outcome of the match. Then a clicking sound was heard and the orb that contained the ghost Pokémon was lying restlessly on the floor.

I heard a clapping sound coming from behind Axel and me. I turned slowly to see a man that had a scar on his left cheek.

Then it hit me. This was the guy that I had caught a glimpse of across the street when we first entered the house.

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