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Default Tranquil Leafeon's Gym Stats

Tranquil Leafeon's Scenic Grassland Gym Stats

Can YOU handle the power? (A.K.A. abuse my bad luck)

Gym Battle Statistics
W/L: 8/2
Victorious Challengers: Lockon Stratos, Richard and Blaziken
Defended Challengers: Lockon Stratos, Lu1z, Richard and Blaziken (x2), Darkrose (x2), Gofre (x2)

Gym Information and Specified Rules
Evasion Clause
Freeze Clause
OHKO Clause
Self-Destruct Clause
Sleep Clause
Soul Dew Clause
Strict Damage Clause
Timed Battle Clause

Gym Badge:

Contact Information and Shoddy Usernames
AIM: absolpower714
PE2K Server: Tranquil Leafeon
Smogon Server: Absol Power
CaP Server: Tranquil Leafeon, I R FAIL
Pokemon Victory Road Server: Tranquil Leafeon

Other Notes
Have given up battling, and thus the ownership of this gym.
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More and more of these Azelf leads come back in later to spread paralysis

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