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Default Re: Shoddy Pokemon League Status thread

Richard and Blaziken's Iron Fist Fighting Gym Stats

~General Statistics~
W/L: 5/3
Successful Challengers: Absol Power (x2), Gofre
Defended Challengers: Lockon Stratos, Darkrose (x3), lu1z

~Gym Info~
Evasion Clause
Freeze Clause
OHKO Clause
Self-KO Clause
Soul Dew Clause
Sleep Clause
Strict Damage Clause
Timed Battle


~Contact Info~
AIM: Dragonmaster1132
Smogon Server Username: Richard_Blaziken, but I don't use Smogon, so please avoid setting up challenges there.
CaP Server Username: Richard_Blaziken
Pokemon Victory Road Username: Richard_Blaziken

Having lost to Gofre for the battle for my Gym, I don't deserve to continue to hold my position here. Congratulations Gofre, the Fighting Gym is yours.

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