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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

The Great Lakes

I accepted the Lotad with a smirk. She was right, this Lotad would fit in well. Such intellectual capacity in such a tiny little creature. I could only imagine what would happen when she was a Ludicolo.

I was about to suggest that we move on when my Pokegear buzzed in my pocket. I answered quickly.

"Yes?" My tone carried a hint of venom that only one of my underlings could perceive. I had specifically instructed them not to disturb me while I was in the Park.

"Uh, boss. We had a bit of trouble with the Mewtwo experiment." A small explosion was heard in the background, as well as a few screams. "I know you're busy capturing Pokemon for your army and all, but..." I sighed.

"Right, of course. I'll come back immediately. Send Gran my love." I flipped the Pokegear closed and slipped it back into place.

"Well, fun as this was I'm afraid I must return home. Illness in the family. If you don't mind taking me back to the front desk so I can get checked out or whatever is needed and Teleport home." I smiled, putting a hint of sadness in my face to emphasize that "Gran" probably wasn't going to make it.

OOC: I think it goes without saying that I'm claiming my Dratini and Lotad.
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