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Default What do YOU look like? :O

Show yourselves!

  1. Resize your image before you post, page-stretching slows load times and is just annoying. :P
  2. Try not to quote pictures, just edit the image tags
  3. 4-word rule still applies.
  4. We don't need to see a new picture of you every day/two days/etc. Once a week or once a month is enough.
  5. Do not re-post a picture you have posted before.
  6. Stay on topic. Use the DCC for anything non-picture related.
  7. Don't post pictures that aren't YOU.
  8. We don't want to see you in your underwear, with someone in their underwear, or any undergarments anywhere at all. Keep your pictures appropriate; use common sense.
  9. No pictures showing obscenities or you flipping someone off or anything of the like.

-->Keep flaming away, don't call anyone ugly, fat, vulgar, monstrous, alienish or anything else insulting or...else.

EDIT by Sixto: Breaking any of these rules will lead to a deletion of your post and/or infraction.

oh hi.

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