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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Name: Brom
Gender: Male
Species: Swampert
Side: Renegades
Age: 23

Description: Brom looks like most Swamperts except for his scar and his silver eyes. He got his scar, which is located across back, when he was defending his family from a flock of rabid Skarmory who tried to take their food. It serves as a reminder to him that if he’s not careful, his family can get hurt like he was. Brom was born with silver eyes, a rarity in the Pokemon world. When most Pokemon look into his eyes, they usually seem mesmerized as if his eyes had a magical quality to them.

Personality: For the most part, Brom tends to be silent and reserved. When he was smaller he was more carefree and happy, but he shed this personality once the responsibility of his family fell on his shoulders. Everything that he does is to improve the quality of life of his family even if it means that does not benefit Brom at all. This is one of the reasons that compels Brom to join the Renegades and change the future. As of late, he has become even more secluded and quiet. The death of his family has taken quite a toll on him. Now that he knows his family can be saved, it is the only the thing that drives him. He is determined to save his family, no matter what the cost is.

History: Brom was born near the Black Swamp. He grew up next to a lake that was known as the Lake of Tears named in honor of a Dragonite who died there years before the planet’s paralysis. As Brom was growing up, he was oblivious to the fact that he lived in a desolate world where time was frozen. However, as he grew up, his elder family members often spoke of a magnificent land where everything was bustling and bursting with colors. This sparked Brom’s interest and he often wandered off, searching for this mysterious land. He would later found out that this magical world, existed no more and it was all because time had frozen. While this crushed Brom’s dreams, it did not phase him for long because he was still young. As he grew older, his father, a strong and stubborn Blastoise, began to weaken because of a disease that had plagued him from his youth. When Brom was 15, his father died and Brom was left in charge of the well-being of his family. During this time, his family suffered many hardships as Brom was thrust into the position of breadwinner.

From then on, Brom he changed. He was no longer the happy-go-lucky Pokemon that he had once been. He couldn’t act like that anymore. Now he had a family that relied on him. From then on, he dedicated himself to making sure that his family was safe and healthy. At the age of 20, Brom heard that many Pokemon were joining together in an attempt to change the past. At first, Brom scoffed at them as he knew that rebellions against Primal Dialga were always crushed. However, he would join them soon enough. Months later, the rest of his family began to succumb to the disease that had plagued his father. Brom was distraught as one by one, his family members were consumed by the infection and perished. Brom spent the next few months wandering aimlessly, unsure of what do with his life. He heard about the Renegades again, but this time his interest was slightly peaked as he had nothing else in his life to live for. While he joined at the age of 21, it was not until the next year that he became active in the Renegades. While being a member, he heard word that the disease that had ravaged his family was actually curable, but the cure was only available from a special fruit that did not exist since time had stopped. This compelled Brom to join the effort and work hard to reverse this terrible future if only to ensure the survival of his family.