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Default Re: Character Chat

Nakkura: *crosses arms and grins* Ah, new playtoys...Hello there.

Kilia: *baps his chin with her horn* Play nice. *looks to everyone else and smiles, nodding her head* It's a pleasure to meet you all. I am Kilia.

Shinko: *runs up and grins, jumping happily* YAY! New friends new friends new friends!

Avaron: *frowns* Settle down, you'll explode one day if you keep acting like that.

Shen: *chuckles* Never knew the old man was so concerned about young Pokemon like us.

Avaron: *fixes with a cold stare* Watch it, I could still beat you horribly.

Aya: That's why I'm here, ehehe...

Suko: *curls up and yawns, before blinking and raising his head upon realizing there were others around, and nods his head* Greetings.

Sakata: *bows a little* Good evening, it's very nice to meet you all. You may call me Sakata.

*raises arms up a bit and smiles* Hehe, thanks for welcoming us, guys.

Nakkura: *grumbles and massages his chin with one paw*
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