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Default Re: Individual RP: Luke39

OOC: Remember to describe your attacks, don't just say them. Also, not a glare, a quivering scared look.

IC: Luke continued making no move to attack, obviously unaware that Azurill was completely and utterly stuck, and besides that was paralyzed by fear. Fortunately, it seemed that Poliwhirl was more observant, and thus made a move on his own, presumably more out of impatience than strategy. He made several movements with his hands and a bit of foot shuffling (what Sokka supposed passed for dancing) and formed a blue ball of energy in one palm. He tossed it into the air with a flourish, sending it high into the atmosphere where it disappeared. Almost immediately thick gray clouds began to form in the sky, and a torrent of rain fell onto the head of an unfortunate Sokka, who had left his umbrella back at the Outpost.

On the plus side, it appeared that the battle was about to get interesting. Water attacks were known for becoming much stronger in the rain, and Azurill seemed to know this too. Almost as soon as the rain started falling it took in a deep breath and fired a Water Gun at the ground. The added firepower created propulsion under Azurill, enough to pull its large tail out from its sandy prison. When it landed, finally free, it glanced around but saw no safe place. The problem with living in a landscape of endless sand and water is that when you face a faster Water type running away is impossible. So instead it faced Poliwhirl down, though its lip still quivered.

It began with a quick run, twirling when it approached Poliwhirl. Its tail spun from the centripetal force, smacking the frog repeatedly in the face. It clearly didn't hurt, but at the same time it caused Poliwhirl to lower his guard slightly in a frantic struggle to get the annoying tail off of him. Satisfied, Azurill jumped back and braced for retaliation.


Poliwhirl 100% [Defense-1]
Azurill 100%

Field Effects: Raining

Trainer Stats

Name: Luke39
Location: The Great Lakes
Items: 8 Park Balls

??? ??? Azurill <Battling>


Hardy Male Magmortar (Flame Body)

Brave Male Poliwhirl (Water Absorb)

OOC: Oh, and please declare Azurill's gender, and think carefully. You can't change it later.
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