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Default Re: Individual RP: Luke39

OOC: Again, accurate descriptions of the attacks please. The first Water Gun was good, but the second bit, not so much.

IC: Finally Luke began taking some initiative, commanding Poliwhirl to fire a Water Gun. He launched a pressurized burst of water from the center of his stomach at Azurill, which struck her across the face heavily. It didn't do much even with the rain and the fact that Azurill still hadn't developed her Water type, but it still shocked her and made her stumble backwards. Then Luke went for something somewhat unorthodox.

Poliwhirl copied Azurill's strategy, pointing the center of his stomach at the ground and firing a powerful Water Gun. The intention was to propel himself into the clouds, something Sokka knew he could not achieve.

The Water Gun did propel Poliwhirl up some, but it was very obviously not enough to get him higher than a few feet. He was too heavy, and his Water Gun wasn't powerful enough to carry him any higher. Dejected, he fell to the ground, unable to follow his commands.

Azurill chose that moment to take advantage of Poliwhirl, charging straight at him. She was used to running on the sand, even when wet, and was able to jump easily, pointing herself straight down at her target.


Poliwhirl 100% [Defense-1]
Azurill 73.68% <Slam>

Field Effects: Raining

Trainer Stats

Name: Luke39
Location: The Great Lakes
Items: 8 Park Balls

??? Female Azurill <Battling>


Hardy Male Magmortar (Flame Body)

Brave Male Poliwhirl (Water Absorb)
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