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Default Re: Character Chat

I know. SEGA is getting more violent XD

Yeah. And then I went up against a previous boss for "fun", although being frozen isn't my definition of it.

I won several times. It's just, Sonic is the "hero", and the "hero" never looses.

Skye: Objection to that, Shadow. They do not always win. I should know

Hey! Go back to being insane! *Whacked*

Skye: Just shut up, Grassy -.-

*Hugged* He better! It doesn't matter that I'm crippled in New Moon-I'm still going to try. As long as other people can be happy, that's all I need.

Skye: Spoken truly, young Huwing. We share similar morals on that aspect. The joy of others is the main reason why I fight; I want people to have the chance to live happily, a chance I was denied early on.
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