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Originally Posted by Sequentio View Post

Greg the Haunter
Gender; Male
Nature; Jolly
Type; Poison/Ghost
Ability; Levitate (Not hit by Ground attacks).
Moves; Hypnosis, Lick, Spite, Mean Look, Curse, Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Dream Eater, Destiny Bond, Nightmare, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch, Payback, Dark Pulse, Shadow Punch.
TM/HM/Other; None.
Record; 3/1/1

It's a Haunter, up for trade! :D
It already has 5 battles, so you get an instant Gengar.

I'm not looking for anything in particular - and I don't mind looking through stats. (Though I assure you, I'll probably like somthing you don't want to give up. >_>)
And I'm willing to add TMs if need be.

Name: Banette
Battles: (1 battles)
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Frisk or Insomia
Obatined: Trade with Ragnajacob
OT: Yoda55

Extra moves:
Thunderbolt / Electric / Special / 95 / 100% / 15 / Cool / 2 ♥♥

Name: Venusaur
Nickname: Bulby (by Ragna)
Wins/Loss/Draw: 1/11/0 (12 battles)
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Overgrow
Obtained: Easter Egg '09

Extra moves:
Attract / Normal / Status / / 100% / 15 / Cute / 2 ♥♥

Want any of these?

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