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Default My fan fic idea.

I don't know if I'm allowed to do this but here goes. I have an idea and I want some feedback on it.

In Sinnoh, an experiment goes wrong and causes a huge explosion. The explosion destroyed half of the region completely. The other half was in pretty bad condition. Buildings were falling, forests were torched, and most of the people and Pokemon who survived were in bad condition. As all hope for Sinnoh seemed to be lost, a man known as Jacob stepped forward. He took control of one group of survivors and set up a settlement. Soon, with the help of his Pokemon, he was able to find other survivors and take control of the whole region, or what was left on it. At first, it seemed he had good intentions. He began to rebuild towns and get rid of debris. He began to search the destroyed half of the region for survivors and supplies. In a year, everything would change.

He found the site of the experiment and found out the purpose of it. He quickly became interested in it. Jacob set up Pokemon Battling Rings in every settlement. No one knew why he did this, but if you had a Pokemon in the condition to battle, you had to battle. If you didn't, you were killed, and your Pokemon were taken.

The story will follow one settlement of survivors, and their plan to escape Sinnoh with their Pokemon and families. They will have to battle in fight rings, explore, and much more to get out alive. That's basically my idea. More will be explained in the story if I go through with it.
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