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Default Re: My Guardian Angel (PG-13) (Some Halloween fanart is up!)

Arceus announced his coming by the clap of hooves against the stone floor. “Though this is your home, you are welcomed to explore the rest of Birth Island.” The Normal-type chuckled as he looked at the chamber. “If I remember correctly, this is where Jirachi spent most of her time during her first century. According to her, her home in the mountains looks much like this.”

At the mention of the wish granter, Deoxys cocked his head in confusion. Arceus noticed this and smiled down at him. “You have much to owe her for. If it hadn’t been for my daughter’s words, I fear the Council of Legends would have decided right then and there to banish you from our planet. Even if they do not admit it, most of them were affected by her stand. Jirachi spoke of giving you a chance to live among us, and if you could, speak for yourself instead of letting us do it for you. ”

“Jirachi…” the outsider tried to say, but all that came out was screeches only he could understand. Deoxys frowned. Here was someone he had never met defending him, and he couldn’t even communicate the gratitude that now weighed his heart?

With that thought forefront in his mind, he extended one of his tentacles and wrapped it around Arceus’ neck. The god did not attempt to get away but merely watched as the foreigner scrunched his face in concentration. Arceus did, however, breathed a small gasp when images of galaxies, stars, and everything in between flashed before his eyes, and his ears were bombarded by screeches identical to those Deoxys vocalized.

He could understand them now.

“A copy of my DNA is now within you,” were the suddenly intelligible words when the tentacle was retracted from around his neck. Deoxys’ smile was giddy; he had never conversed with anybody before. “My language is now yours.” After getting his excitement under control, he solemnly said, “Tell Jirachi I’m grateful for her defense. Being among all these amazing sights and creatures truly vanishes my lonely times in space. As beautiful as they are, galaxies will not respond back.”

Arceus mirrored the chuckle attached to his last words before nodding. “I’ll tell her that.” With a farewell that told him he would return once he had word of what the Council decided, the Creator teleported away in a column of cerulean brilliance.

“Jirachi…” Deoxys now said aloud. He gazed at a particularly large crystal on the wall, its luminous depths entrancing him and making him wonder what kind of Pokémon this Legendary “Jirachi” was. “Rest assured that I’ll repay you for your kindness.”

With the words left lingering in the air, Deoxys wandered out to explore Birth Island, unafraid of the risen sun.


A/N: Wow, more than a month without updating? It didn't seem that long. It was mainly because the battle scene was like pulling teeth: a slow and painful process that's worth it at the end. This chapter is very important, so I was taking extra care that it was written how I wanted it to be. Mew and Celebi certainly turned out better than I thought, so that's a plus. :)

What about Chapter Four, you may ask? Well, though Jirachi, Mew, or Celebi are not in this one, you're going to be introduced to our second main character of this fan fic, and let's just say he's not the nicest guy around. And remember that war the Legends mentioned that the humans were currently in? You're going to be dragged right in the middle of it.

Next chapter may take a while, since I plan to enter the URPG Winter Writing Competition and will spend time writing that as well. ^^

And oh yeah, first time I've been forced to split a chapter into three posts. :D *dances at the accomplishment*

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