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Default Re: Shoddy Pokemon League Status thread

The Ring

Gofre's Fighting Type Gym
Status: Open, Accepting Challenges

Win/Loss Ratio: 2/1
Last Win: Lu1z
Last Loss: Hazeallday
Current Streak: 2

Gym Rules
~Standard 6v6, OU
~Evasion Clause
~Hax Item Clause
~Sleep Clause
~Freeze Clause
~Species Clause
~Soul Dew Clause
~Strict Damage Clause
~OHKO Clause

Challenger Status

Badges Earned: 1 (DSL)
Win/Loss Ratio: 1/1
Last Win: Dark Shadow Lord
Last Loss: Lu1z
Current Streak: 1

Smogon Server Usernames: Gofre, Dj Vu
Other Server Usernames: Gofre, Dj Vu

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