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Default Re: Sec VS HKim VS Iridium VS Medz

Sorry for the wait, and the answer to your question Iridium is that I don't count the star(s) until the match is over, and I just forgot to put the star in the last post.

Raichu uses Thunder Bolt, +5 hearts, crowd cheers!

Scizor uses Swords Dance, +1 heart and star, crowd looks on.

Marowak uses Rage, +8 hearts, crowd goes wild!

Manetric uses Roar, +4 hearts, next round is random, crowd cheers!

Manetric @ 12 hearts
Scizor @ 14 hearts[Star * 2]
Raichu @ 19 hearts
Marowak @ 16 hearts

CM ~ 1
R ~ 4
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