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Default Re: Mixed Groups/Clubs Chit Chat

Originally Posted by SuperBoy View Post
Yeah, that makes complete sense.

If it were to die off, fast-forwarding time would spark interest again and provide new opportunities, not forgetting to mention the possibility of reeling in even more RPers. But yeah, I'm liking the idea of having it as a separate type of Team RP, having teams sprout from the RP rather then having them created before the RP itself. Both will inevitably have teams, but in a different manner. I like how you put that.

The storyline is the most integral part of this whole idea. Not only does it need to be appealing, but it needs to be deep, strong, and stable enough to hold the interest of many and carry on for quite awhile. I believe it can happen, but it is certain that creating a story of this caliber calls for cooperation from creative minds if this idea is agreed upon and settled.

It can definitely work.
Is that an invitation? XD

I'd like to help if you want it. I just need to know if you're thinking more along the lines of a Pokemon-related RP, or if you want to try something that doesn't use them for a change in pace. I could cook up some beginning ideas, someone else can play around with them and add a bunch of their own, and we could see what comes out of it and take it from there.

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