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Default The Trials of Camelot Island [WWC]

credit to Medieval Manaphy for the awesome banner!^^
[Ready for grading]
Title: The Trials of Camelot Island
Trying to capture: An Abra
Characters Needed: 20k-30k Hard


Note that this is my first URPG story ever. I know it may seem kind of dumb to start out with a Hard level story, but I had a really good idea that I needed to put to some use. I may make a few mistakes here and there. If you point them out to me, I will immediately edit them. Also, sorry the first part was split up into so many small pieces. I didn't have Microsoft Word or anything like it when I first started this story, but now I do. Also, please forgive me for taking so long to type this up. Near when I was finishing up with Chapter Two Part Two, my laptop messed up, and the data was erased.Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Also, I will be entering this in as my entry for the Winter Writing Competition '09.


[I only put this story on PE2K, so if anybody sees this story elsewhere, please report it.]

Also, this is a story deal story, the deal being with Bumblebee16. So if the capture is succesful, then the Abra shall go to Bumblebee16.

Characters(with spaces):52, 276

Character count excludes divide bars, italics' characters, and other such things, except for chapter titles, the end mark, and stars to seperate different scenes and such.


Chapter 1: Camelot Island, Full Speed Ahead!

The loud horn of a large ship could be heard throughout the land. Danny's jet-black hair blew in the wind as he, Jack, and Sara raced to the harbor, sweat pouring down all's faces.

"I knew we should have gotten up earlier!" panted Jack, his red hair resembling a flame as he zoomed past the crowds of people. "You just had to put on extra lip-stick, didn't you, Sara?!"

Sara glared at him. "For your information, Jack, it was lip-gloss, not lip-stick!"

"Who cares? Let's just hurry! The boat's leaving!" yelled Danny. Jack and Sara stopped bickering and instead, focused their undivided attention upon reaching the boat in time.

The group ran faster than they had in their entire life. The stitch in Danny's chest ached menacingly, but he ignored it as he, Jack, and Sara hurried to the boat. Right when it seemed like they would reach their goal in time, Danny slipped on the glossy floor of the harbor. He fell face forward onto its white and blue squares painfully. Jack and Sara immediately stopped themselves and helped him up.

"Are you all right, Danny?" The concern in Sara's voice made Danny look down. He had not expected his nose to start bleeding. The crimson liquid fell onto the floor, each drop seeming like it would burst into a puddle. The crowd of people were now gathered around Danny, Jack, and Sara, some horror-struck, others staring at the scene with jacular grins.

"Yeah, just fine," replied Danny. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, blue handerchief. He wiped his nose on the handkerchief quickly, trying to dispose of any evidence that just moments before, he had been bleeding all over the floor of a harbor, with a crowd of people watching.

Sara sighed and began messing with her silvery-blonde hair, as if she had just been fighting a merciless killer and invisible beads of blood had fallen onto her long, curly hair. Jack looked around anxiously, his hands now deep inside his pockets. He was wearing casual, denim, blue jeans with a ruby red shirt. He had huge muscles, earned by heavy weight-lifting. His brown eyes searched the room frantically, as if maybe the boat had decided to stop somewhere close by.

Danny looked down at himself. He wore black, knee-length shorts and matching sneakers. His sapphire shirt fit him perfectly. His strangely golden eyes were invisible to him, but he knew they were like that, since people usually commented on them. He was lean, and well-muscled, but not as buff as Jack. Sara was wearing a plain, blue skirt with a light, pink, tank-top. Her sky-blue eyes were just like that of her mother's. Her foot-wear consisted of hot-pink sandals, ones that both Jack and Danny would never be able to afford, but neither needed, nor wanted, to wear. Her slender body could be viewed at as skinny.

Danny forced the bloody handkerchief into his pocket, and watched as the ship became a dot on the horizon, growing smaller with every second.

Sara suddenly stopped and turned to face the group, her usually bright eyes filled with anger. "Now, what are we going to do? Our boat to Cinnabar island just left without us!"

"Obviously," spat Jack, a fiery rage building up inside him. "Maybe if you had just waited to put on that make-up until we got to the boat, we would have made it in time!"

"I need my make-up! It's Danny's fault! He wasn't careful enough, and he stupidly slipped right when we were about to jump onto the boat! If you need to complain to someone, see him!"


Jack and Sara turned to Danny, surprised by his sudden outburst. Danny continued, obviously controlling his rage. "It's both of our faults, Sara! I know you're both angry, and I am too, but the boat's gone! It's not like we can travel back in time and get on it! We need to go home, and wait for the next boat!"

Jack was calm for a second, but his fury got the better of him. "The next boat doesn't come until October, and by that time, school will have started, and we'd have to wait until next summer for the vacation!"

Danny stared at Jack in disbelief, but suddenly felt a rush of sympathy for him. Jack had been born on a farm, into a poor family. He did have two loving parents who cared for him just as regular guardians should, but it became harder as time went by, and Jack became an older brother. When he was seven years old, his mother had a baby girl, whom she named Anabelle. Jack had loved Anabelle dearly and cared for her all the time.

Until the incident happened, that is. When Jack was twelve years old, Anabelle was killed by a large group of evil men. The men were never caught. Witnesses said that the men drove away in their truck right after they had killed Anabelle. Jack then became a tougher boy. He started lifting weights and eventually became a power-house. He went to school with Danny and Sara, who're his best friends. They all now go to a tiny junior high close to their homes.

Sara had been born into a very wealthy family as an only child. Her mother and father were millionaires and gave her anything she wanted. Her life was fabulous until she turned eight years old.

On Sara's eighth birthday, she had an enormous party. All her friends and family members came except for her grandmother, Daisy.

Daisy told Sara's parents that she coudn't make it to the party due to her car breaking down on her way down there. Sara was sad, but she tried her best to enjoy the party. Later, though, Sara's parents recieved a call from the police saying that Daisy had been ran over by a car while repairing hers. Sara was more saddened than she had ever been before. She sobbed into her pillows all through the night. Her mother and father were alarmed by this and immediately comforted her. Eventually, Sara broke free of her emotions and calmed down. She had always went to school with Jack and Danny, her best friends. When Jack and Danny heard about the tragic death, they immediately helped Sara and as time went by, she bacame less saddened and just as friendly as she had been before. It was she who had suggested the group going to Cinnabar island over the summer break as a nice vacation.

Danny had a history not entirely unlike the others'. He had been born into an average family with two nice parents. He lived in a small house where he shared a room with his older brother, Cole. They went to the same school, for Cole had been only two years older. They were best friends and never fought with eachother.

Things changed when Cole went to high school, though. He started hanging out with other boys who were mean and evil. Eventually, he grew to be like them and started doing drugs and stealing guns. Danny and Cole were seperated due to their new differences. One day, Cole went to an elderly man's house while he was drunk, and shot the old man. Unfortunately, the old man lived on a steep hill, and Cole had forgotten to put the emergency brake on his car. When Cole left the dead corpse to go make his escape, he discovered that his car had rolled down the hill and crashed into a lake, The authorities arrived shortly afterward, and arrested Cole. Danny's parents tried to cover it up, but the story leaked out. Danny was sad, but he was never the type to cry. He went back to school and continued being his normal self. When Sara suggested going to Cinnabar island for a vacation, Danny eagerly agreed.

The crowd of people had slowly left, and now it was just Danny, Jack, and Sara standing in the middle of the harbor, all thinking hard about what they should do next. Suddenly, Danny heard footsteps from behind. He turned around and watched as two men ambled toward them. They were both wearing a matching white shirt with a light blue collar, and white pants too. Little, blue and white hats sat atop their heads. Both were bald and heavy-set. They looked exactly alike, except for their eyes. One had plain, brown eyes whilest the other had sparkling, baby-blue eyes, but both seemed to bore into your skin when you stared into them.

"Hello. We heard you speaking about missing a boat to Cinnabar Island and decided to help you."

Danny, Jack, and Sara all jumped: they hadn't expected any of the men to speak.

The man continued. "We were just going to Cinnabar Island when we overheard your conversation. We have a nice boat that can hold us all. Would you like to come with us?"


Danny stared at the man suspicously. "Who're you, and what are you doing here?"

The man looked slightly surprised by this question, but his tone was still casual as he answered. "I'm Mike Tidalwave. That guy over there is my partner, Tim. We're sailors from Cinnabar Island. Our masters put us through very hard work, so we decided to take a little break and travel here, to Vermillion City. We vacationed for a week, and then got ready to leave, but we overheard your conversation, so here we are."

Even after Mike said this, Danny still watched him cautiously, but Sara felt absolutely wonderful at the idea of still going to Cinnabar Island, whilest Jack had a neutral sort of feeling, as if either way would be alright for him, even though he had been fighting with Sara just a few minutes ago about going to Cinnabar Island. This time, Tim spoke, with obvious impatience in his voice. "If you want to go, you have to go now. We're just wasting time sitting here, waiting for you to make your decision."

Sara immediately ran over to the large, speed-boat. It was just like any other of its kind, white metal with a driver's wheel, but instead of the tiny amount of four seats, it had seven seats, and instead of one tiny space, it had three rooms, two underneath the main, outside one. It was about the size of a small cabin. There was a boy and his Pokemon in two of the seats.

The boy was about Danny's size, but looked not a bit like him. He was tall and lanky, but definitely not the least bit fat. He had spiky, maroon hair with matching eyes. He was wearing a pitch black t-shirt with dark, blue, denim jeans. He had a strange, golden necklace around his neck.

His Pokemon had the same sort of look as him. It looked like a turtle standing up on its hind legs. Its shell was brown on the outside, but tan on the undercovering. It had a small, baby-blue tail, with unique, curved twists. Two sapphire arms and legs protruded from its shell. It had two pointy ears and two, slightly lighter blue, spots on its cheeks. Its eyes were a dark, ruby red, and its lips were curved into a sort of evil grin, two of its sharp teeth bared.

The boy didn't have a bit of sweetness in him, or atleast it looked that way to Danny. He had a sort of mischevious glint in his eye as he watched Danny, Jack, and Sara board the boat, Tim and Mike trailing behind them. There were only three seats in each row, except for the driver's seat, which was placed near the front of the boat with nothing around it. Danny had to sit next to the boy and his Pokemon, which Danny now recongized as a Wartortle, while Jack, Sara, and Mike sat in the very back, leaving Tim to drive.

The boy sneered as Danny sat down. Danny raised his eyebrows, but said nothing. Suddenly, the boat shook ominously, but with a sigh of relief, Danny saw that it was just the engine starting up. The boat raced forward smoothly, Tim steering it with great ease. Silence fell upon the boat for awhile, but after an hour, the boy finally spoke.

"Wanna battle?"

Danny eyed the boy. He was observing Danny closely, as if he was deciding if he had made the right choice in asking him, and not one of the others. Danny was still for a moment, but finally replied when he could no longer stand it. "Sure, but who are you?"

The boy looked slightly taken aback, but he responded quickly. "I'm Zane. Zane Rush. Just in case you wanted to know, you're gonna lose no matter what, because I'm the best Pokemon trainer you'll ever see."

Danny was enraged at Zane for his remark, but kept his anger to himself. "Where're we going to battle? This is just a tiny speed-boat, not a stadium."

Zane chuckled. "There're two rooms right under us. One's really small, while the other's over two times the size of the space up here. Where do you think we're gonna battle, dimbo?"

This time, it was Jack who replied, obviously filled with rage. "We haven't been on this boat before, so we don't know all about it! You shouldn't call Danny that, you jerk!"

It looked like Jack was about to throttle Zane, but before he could lay a finger on him, Zane's Wartortle shot a jet of water at Jack. He immediately recoiled, staggering backwards toward his seat. Sara glared at Zane and exclaimed, "You cruel, cruel person! You're not supposed to hit people with Pokemon!"

Zane chortled at this. "Whatever. Danny's your name, right?"

Danny nodded, so Zane continued. "Follow me."

Danny stood up and followed Zane down a steep, flight of stairs. After a few moments, they reached the foot of the stairs. Zane turned to a small, metallic door on their right, and opened it.

Inside was a large room. There was nothing inside of it, though. The walls were painted white, the floor a deep shade of green. Also, on the floor was a picture of an enormous ball. The ball had a black lining on the middle of it. There was a white button right smack dab on the middle of the black lining. The black lining seperated two sides, the top one red, and the bottom one white. In short, it was a doodle of a Pokeball.

Zane strolled over to the other side of the room with his Wartortle and turned to face Danny. "Well, send out your Pokemon and we'll start."

Danny was eager to start the battle and show this guy who he's messing with, but he needed to ask of him something first. "How many Pokemon are we sending out?"

Zane answered almost immediately. "We're going to send out three Pokemon at a time."

Danny questioned Zane yet again. "Don't we need a referee?"

A look of surprise plastered Zane's face, but he was able to regain himself quickly. "Oh yeah, that's right. Go get someone."

Danny sighed, but nevertheless, lumbered out of the room and up the flight of stairs to the boat's main part. Once up there, he ambled over to Jack. "Can you ref the battle?"

Jack responded quickly, his voice shaking just a little. "Sure."

Jack followed Danny as he traveled back down stairs and into the room. Zane still stood there, a look of impatience on his face. "Took you long enough. Ah well. Let's get this show on the road."

Jack marched over to a spot near the middle of the room, while Danny got ready to battle,.

After Danny felt sure that he was ready, Jack called out, "Trainers, send out your Pokemon and get ready to battle."


Danny could sense the tension between him and Zane. He slowly pulled a Pokeball from a black belt wrapped around his waist. On the ball was a unique insignia: a simple, bright, red flame. Danny watched as Zane whispered something into his Wartortle's ear and motioned for it to walk up as his first Pokemon. Of course, Danny couldn't hear Zane's words, for they were so far apart to give room for their Pokemon to battle. Danny frowned, but threw out the Pokeball that had once been resting in his palm without a second thought.

Out popped a magnificient creature. It was a fiery canine, but it seemed to have an intelligent sense of reality, as if it could read your mind. It had beautiful, flaming red fur with pitch-black stripes going through it. Its front legs had tan, spiky fur poking out of the back. The back legs of this gorgeous creature were exactly the same, the only difference was that the tan fur on each leg was larger. That same colored fur covered its face and head, so long that it looked like the mutt had long hair laying on its back. Protruding from its bosom was a pale, very lightly bark-colored tail. This strange tail went up for awhile, but then traveled back down and soon ended, sort of like a lightning bolt.

Zane scoffed at the Pokemon. "An Arcanine? That's a Fire type Pokemon, stupid! My Wartortle could smother that dog of yours in less than five seconds!"

Danny responded calmy, for he had a stragetic plan in mind. "You'd be surprised by how much type advantage really matters in a battle."

Zane threw his head back and laughed loudly. Jack ignored this as he called out, "Begin battle!"

Zane stopped his chortling. His Wartortle immediately ran forward, even though Zane hadn't called a single command out.

Danny knew Zane would be up to something like this. He called out in a clear, calm voice, "Dodge it, Arcanine."

The amazing canine side-stepped the Wartortle's attack, missing him by inches.

Zane muttered some inaudible words, which Danny thought were profanity.

The Wartortle soon struggled back up onto its turtle legs. It turned around to face Arcanine angrily, but before it could do anything, though, Danny quietly spoke to Arcanine. "Take Down."

Arcanine obeyed. He swiftly moved forward like a cheetah going for its prey. He knocked headfirst into the Wartortle with incredible force. When he got up, he flinched a little, but the Wartortle was in a much worse condition.

It was hurt, no doubt about that. Its shell had cracked a little along the right-hand side. Its mouth was open widely, and its eyes were closed in a way that implied it had just been knocked out.

Jack walked over, with Danny and Zane by his side. He examined the Wartortle carefully, and then finally announced, "Zane's Wartortle has been knocked out. Victory goes to Danny."

Danny felt a surge of pleasure, but tried to contain it. Zane stomped angrily back to his original spot, face red with rage. "Don't think this is over yet, Danny! I'm just getting started!"
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