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Default Re: The Trading Depot [Post Small Trades Here]

Hey guys im looking for all 3 Regis so i can wake up regiggigas mainly... but im also looking for a few of my all time favorites from back in the day so i can start EV training them too...i dont care if their shiny or not i jus want them so i can level them up and EV train them myself, thanks a million!!! hope im not breaking any rules but if anyone has any power items (ie Power Weight, Power Bracer etc) they dont need id gladly take them off your hands too LOL

Game Name:Pokemon Platinum
Friend Code:0302-9692-5802
How you want to be contacted:PM
Pokemon Looking For:
-Crobat (mean look, im legendary bird and Mesprit hunting lol)
-Darkrai (bought the game late and TOTALLY missed his event)
Pokemon Willing to Trade: