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Default Faith or Coincidence

(My first story so and ready to be graded))

Made by myself
__________________________________________________ ______

Strange… Isn’t it strange? Isn’t it strange that the world keep turning and turning? Every day, every minute, every second. The world just keeps on turning, it never stops. Isn’t it getting tired? Tired of turning around and around, again and again. Tired of turning the same way year after year. Never doing new things or discovering new paths. It always moves in the same endless motion, the motion that controls all our lives.

The alarm clock went off as the pointers pointed 8:00 am. An irritated noise spread through the room as a figure in the bed slowly started to move. The blanket raised and a hand appeared, moving to the small night table, aiming for the alarm clock. It was a small alarm clock in the shape of a Loudred, purple with big ears and an open mouth in which the time was displayed. The hand missed the alarm for two times but then got grip on one of the ears and pulled it down, causing the alarm to stop ringing. The arm fell back in bed, where it stayed motionless for a few seconds then it moved again as a girl pushed herself up in the cushions.

Ruri (say Rory) sighed as she sat up in the bed and stretched out. She rubbed in her eyes to make the sleep go away as she shove away the curtains of her window. The sunlight came pouring inside, shining her on her face, making her close her eyes again. Through her narrowed eyes she looked outside, it was beautiful. The sun was shining on the snow that lay on the roofs of all the houses like a blanket, it was so white and pure as it lay there motionless, sparkling in the sun. Not for nothing this small city was called ‘the city of snow were ice glitters’. It really was a wonderful sight as the sun let the ice glitter in all different kinds of colours, making it seem like a rainbow that was lying over the houses.

Ruri yawned and moved away from the window, brushing a few purple locks out of her eyes as she walked to the mirror and the washbasin. She sighed as she looked to her reflection in the glass. Her purple hair was all messy and full of knots although it was tide up in a loose ponytail and around her soft, red eyes there were small circles of sleep. She splashed some cold water in her face and started brushing her hair. It was a motion she could do for ages and soon her hair was properly brushed and were the light and darker locks neatly parted. With a black ribbon she tied up her hair again in a short ponytail and turned back around to the bed. She looked to the light blue blanked and finally found were she was searching for; a small dot of light brown that was laying just under her cushion, comfortably hidden under a small piece of the blanket.

“Hé sleepy, wake up.” Ruri said chuckling a bit as she walked to the bed and sat down on the edge, switching her pyjamas for a white shirt and purple shorts with long, black socks under it that came till over her knees.

The dot of brown started to move and suddenly an ear appeared pointing to Ruri. It was fluffy and soft and twitched a bit as another one appeared. After the ears two brown eyes opened and looked to Ruri with an alert glance. The little creature jumped up and its fluffy tail waved behind it as the small fox Pokémon walked over the blanked to Ruri.

Ruri laughed as the Eevee jumped in her lap and started circling around, searching for a new place to sleep. “No, no,” she said laughing as she pushed the Eevee away and stood up, tightening her shoe’s. “Yue we have to wake up, you know which day it is.” She moved to the door, placing her hand on the door handle. “Come on, let’s have some breakfast.” She said with a smile as she opened the door.


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