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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

In the words of one famous hobbit:

This is the END. I'm going. I'm leaving NOW. GOOD-BYE.

PS: Sec's been waiting really patiently for me to regrade this story for a while. Someone, please help him out. I clearly can't, considering I'm going and not planning to come back. Pokemon's fine, but I'm afraid Pe2k has sucked up enough of my life, and in light of my complete lack of interest for a while, I'm making this official to keep myself from coming on here all the time.

So, I wish everyone here a nice life, especially all the people I had a good time URPGing with. Adieu, auf wiedersehen, and all that other nonsense.

SotaOMG (10:05:46 PM): i think stunky is sexy
iamnotyou11 (10:05:54 PM): Soda stop being gay (10:06:03 PM): ironic statement?
I can probably take some grading requests now. But don't all rush me at once. :/

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