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Default Re: URPG Stories Chat & Feedback

Originally Posted by Dragoness View Post
Actually, I think a few people noticed. I didn't mention it to ya because I thought you were taking your sweet time in getting it up and prodding you about it wouldn't do any good

Hmm, any hints on it? You said it'd be a special new contest :D *pokes* C'mon, you can tell us...
Yeah, I suppose I can at least tell you about it. Wouldn't want you to think I'm just leading everyone on... (*now entering brain fantasy*WHA? CONTEST? THERE'S NO CONTEST! IT WAS ALL A BIG LIE! KAHAHA*now leaving brain fantasy*)

So basically, I wanted to make a contest where voting didn't take so freaking long. And then I thought, what if we had a contest where we didn't even need a voting period? It seemed impossible, at first, but then I got to thinking about it (along with some help from DoH - thank you, madame), and eventually the core concept of this contest was born: the stories themselves are the votes.

I had to rest for a few days after that idea hit me.

It works like this: on the first week of the competition, everyone who wants to enter will write up the first part of their story (about 5,000 characters) and submit just that. Then, the next week, everyone will write up the next part of their story and submit again, but this time, there's a specific requirement: you have to incorporate something from someone else's story into your own. That's the real trick to this contest. Whichever story you choose to draw inspiration from will count as your "vote," and thus, that story will receive one point.

And that's the gist of it. There are some other, logistic details 'n junk to prevent people from abusing this kookie system 'n whatnot, but I won't get into all that, right now.

Originally Posted by Fever View Post
Don't get me wrong, I do want to know about the new contest, but I'm also loving the anticipation ;)
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