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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Scrapping Ambrose for a new character. Meet Rowan! >:D

Name: Rowan Bianca Dalca
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Ah, meet my good friend Rowan Bianca Dalca. Wait? Not good friend... that's right, she doesn't really like me. She doesn't really like anyone, now that I think about it... Rowan is solitary, with only her Pokemon and her annoying, childish older brother Ash as company on most days. She's not quite a genuis, but pretty close when it comes to Math, Science and English, which intimidates most people. Born in Romania, she is fluent in, of course, Romanian, and frequently speaks the language of her homeland. She is also fluent in English and speaks the basics of French and Russian, though she is still learning those two. For some strange reason, Rowan insists on speaking Romanian most of the time. Her brother normally translates for her and she frequently forgets that most people don't know Romanian.

Long, silky black hair accompany a tanned and perfect complextion. Her eyes are a dark amber, giving off a faint red-orange glow when in light. She's thin and definitly curvy, but she walks with pride and most guys are a bit too scared to get close to her. She's 5'10, half an inch taller than her brother, and weighs about 115 pounds.

Pokemon Captured: None yet

Pokemon Natures: (These are the Pokemon she currently as avaible to use.)
Houndoom-Nisip, Hardy Nature, Male
Tyranitar-Demonul, Serious Nature, Male
Ampharos-Aly, Sassy Nature, Female
Noctowl-Vanator, Modest Nature, Male
Swampert-Allin, Adamant Nature, Female
Roserade-???, Naive Nature, Male
Cradily-Anna, Gentle Nature, Female
Mismagius-Rosie, Na´ve Nature, Female

Sudowoodo-Mister, Naughty Nature, Male
Swellow-Luna, Rash Nature, Female
Azumarill-Azura, Hasty Nature, Female

Golem- Rinn, Rash Nature, Male
Glaceon- Adam, Calm Nature, Male

Nidoqueen- ???, Naughty Nature, Female
Masqurain- ???, Careful Nature, Female

Ariados- ???, Adament Nature, Male
Wormadam- ???, Relaxed Nature, Female
Mr. Mime- Jeremy, Naughty Nature, Male
Spiritomb- ???, Impish Nature, Female
Ninetails- Felix, Quirky Nature, Male
Plulse- Carber, Jolly Nature, Male

Smoochum- Icis, Docile Nature, Female
Furret- Eddy, Na´ve Nature, Male
Rattata- ???, Rash Nature, Female
Gligar- ???, Bold Nature, Female
Eevee- ???, Calm Nature, Female
Togepi- ???, Brave Nature, Female

Park Items: Hyper Ballx5
Park Ballx3
Max Potionx3
Full Healx2
Full Restorex1
Scent Spraysx6

Paired with my love, the incredibly awesome and amazingly fantastic Shock <3
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