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Default Re: The Trading Depot [Post Small Trades Here]

Looking for

A true male and female Ditto. Any level, name or country with a neutral nature preferred, but not priority. Trying to breed some Chimchars, Togepis and Riolu.


I don't have an incredible selection, because I'm still starting out the whole competitive battling business. But I've got these (all legit, self-captured and untouched, except Infernape which I've trained):

- Combee / Lvl 5 / Naughty
- All the fossil Pokemon (Aerodactyl, Anorith, Kabuto, Cranidos etc.)
- A hoard of Pichu and Pikachu after some lucky chaining (for those who are having a hard time in the Trophy Garden)
- Aipom / Lvl 14 / Calm
- And MAYBE the legendary Sinnoh Dragons and Lake Guardians if someone can help me clone them.
- Infernape / Lvl 77 / Naive / (252 Special Attack/192 Speed/64 HP) EVed as a Special Mixed or Nasty Plot Sweeper (again if someone can help me clone)
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