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Default Re: The Laughing Manís Society for Scrupulous Individuals ~ 14/18

Originally Posted by takeru takaishi View Post
Omg I totally forgot to mention something important about smogon and the tiers it ends today which means tomorow we will have the results.

Mega dsl plans to make us work togher on the clan shop to creat a shop for AR and RNG abused pokemon I think this is a good idea and that we should put past arguments behind us. If you do not respond to this post I will take that as a sign that you do not agreee and will offfer dsl my services in the new clan thread insted and will treat you as if you did not exist to stop futher querrels btween the AR users and RNGers.
I dont' want to work with you!
I will be SO glad to not have to worry about you talking to me anymore. Can you start that now? GREAT!
Originally Posted by Skippy the Great View Post
That's fine...I just need to send you the Slowpoke...You put the King's Rock on it, and send it back. Just a basic Evo trade.

And I am actually going on WiFi now for a different trade, so if you are able to do it now, I will have the Slowpoke with me.

Do you need anything for the Rock?
Oh I thought you had a rock already, I have to trade to my platinum now. But I'm breeding atm, sorry. Maybe another time, or maybe when matt gets on.
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