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Default Re: The Laughing Manís Society for Scrupulous Individuals ~ 14/18

Originally Posted by mattj View Post
You have no idea how lucky you are! I actually haven't yet deleted my Plat cart yet. It's "cleared out" but I haven't yet deleted it. Sure. Lemme grab a quick king's rock! :) Gimme 5 and let's take this to PMs as to not clog up this busy thread! xP

BTW, what are your thoughts on the Ho-Oh? I really want a Naive HP Ground 70 one, but I can't seem to find an easy spread, so I'm getting the Jolly one now and putting the Naive one off till later...

Oh, and hey, actually, it'll take me a minute to get a King's Rock. I'll need to transfer it off my Pearl to my Plat. gimme 10 and I'll get back w/ya K?
That's fine, and PM sent. I'll wait on WiFi for you.

I also occasionally do wifi battles.